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Friday, August 17, 2007

Week 4 Report

Above is Camille's book on how to make a book during the early Middle Ages. The first page shows how the animal skin was soaked in a river, then put into a barrel of lime and water, stretched and scraped with beer spit, then a scribe working and finally, a person holding the final book. You can see she put a lot of detail in the first page but the consequent pages she really didn't want to bother with a detailed border. She loved doing this.

Just to finish up sharing our history work this week this is her narration of the book Across a Dark Wild Sea by Don Brown which was about Columcille (Columba). She drew a picture of him copying Finnian's book of Bible psalms and hymns by the legendary light of his hand.

Illuminated Letter Coloring page

Copywork: "There is no salvation outside the church.
Love the sinner but hate the sin, love and do what you will." St. Augustine of Hippo
We are reading about St. Augustine of Hippo in Augustine: The Farmer's Boy of Tagaste

Uh, this was my mistake. Horizons' TM said to give her a drill worksheet and see how long the student takes. It wasn't until AFTER she completed this that I realized she was only supposed to do ONE of these four drills on the page, not all four.

We had a problem with "Circle the numbers greater than 36" and other exercises this week like it. Sometimes it takes a while to understand how a child is processing the information and then how best to teach it. I finally figured out a way to explain it which by showing alphabetical order and how we put words in ABC order and how that applies to numbers. I was surprised that this stumped her but I also knows her thought processes are muddled because she wants the problem to be harder than what it is. I'm making a little note for myself of the things that she experiences difficulty in.

Science copywork for the week.

Spelling Workout C- Lesson 2

Bible scripture this week:
"And He will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9:6.
We talked about how God keeps his promises and how people turn away from God although He is always there.

There is more on my heart about this week, I've shared it in other posts. We've changed a lot from last year and I'm concerned it may be too much for Camille or we have behavior issues to deal with. I'm in prayer about this because if it is workload related, it will lightened up. If it's behavior related, we have work to do. I highly suspect the 100+ degree weather that is keeping us indoors and lack of physical exercise that she is used to is a culprit.

P.S. I didn't test Camille. I decided against it, at this time we'll just review the lesson before quickly before learning the new. In SOTW we'll review every four chapters as we reach the review cards in the activity guide. Review of memory work is sufficient for me at this time.



Mom2legomaniacs said...

Nice job! Being a math geek myself, I am always looking for new ways to explain the concepts. One thing I came up with to show the order with numbers is to use physical items to represent the number (like piles of m&m's). As the numbers increase, the numbers in the piles increase. And, we get to eat the results!
You are really creative in how you illustrate a point with C. This is not something that is natural for me so I am impressed with your projects. Thanks for sharing. By doing this, you can pass along inspiration for others.


Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

We explained it like an alligator (since the greater than symbol can look like a mouth) wants to eat as many little fishes as he can. So he only chooses the bigger one, and puts his mouth on the big pile. After that, when we did ones like circle the numbers greater, I told him to again imagine piles of fishes. Only more fish than 36 (or whatever number) will fill his belly. Maybe it'll work?

She does beautiful work and has nice penmanship!

Melora said...

Your daughter has beautiful handwriting! And the project about the earth's rotation, sun, and moon last post was great!
I have found it challenging to balance an age appropriate work load with what I want my ds to learn, and dawdling makes this much harder. I hope next week you get some nicer weather, so that maybe more outdoor play time will help, and that your lessons go more happily!

my5wolfcubs said...

My 5yo came by when the illuminated R was on the screen -- he loved it! My favorite was how a book was made in the Middle Ages, neat slide show!

Night Elf said...

Your home school looks so fun! My 9 year old daughter thinks your schedule looks great. Her personal favorites are Math, French, and Piano. Thanks for sharing your work. It all looks great!

Jenni said...

Good work, Camille! Isn't learning fun?

I especially enjoyed your pictures of the making of a book. History is such a fun subject. I love to look into the lives of people from the past and see how our world and our day to day lives have changed. Our family likes to try doing things the way people from other times would have done them, but we usually find that we prefer living in our own time.