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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Homeschool Weekly Reporters

A few bloggers have caught on to our Weekly Reports and decided to do them as well. This is fabulous because it is a virtual open house each week.

Homeschool Weekly Reporters 2008-2009 Participants
1. Kristiana
2. Jessica\'s Trivium Academy
3. Darcy\'s 3 Boybarians
4. Jennefer\'s Smooth Stones Academy
5. LisaWA\'s Koinonia Academy
6. Karen\'s Magic School House
7. Lori in TX\'s Sparks Circus
8. Lee\'s Stonewall Academy
9. Close Academy
10. Kerri\'s Out in the Desert
11. April\'s Riverfront Academy
12. Tina\'s Jetihoja Academy
13. Kathy\'s Quivers Full
14. Sarah\'s Fanning Flame
15. Lizzie in Ma, A Work in Progress
16. Katrina\'s HomeschoolersRUs
17. Jenny\'s Shadow Light Academy
18. Deanna\'s Narrow Gate Academy
19. Dawne\'s Pheasant Ridge Academy
20. Laurie\'s Cheerful Pessimist
21. Tami\'s Ambleside Classical
22. Robin\'s Two Blessings
23. Trio of Children
24. Betsy\'s Homeschool Way
25. Amy\'s Outdoor Academy
26. Amy loves Bud
27. Petunia\'s Dickens Dormitory
28. Diane\'s Day in the Life
29. Rhonda\'s Imagine
30. Rachel\'s Tex-Hess
31. Stephanie\'s One Sixteenth
32. The Thinking Mother
33. Running River Latin School
34. Brittney\'s King Alfred Academy
35. Training Hearts
36. Tami\'s Beautiful Life
37. Jean\'s Quiver of 10
38. Linsey\'s Chaotic Day
39. Eclectic Evergreen Academy
40. Educating Emme
41. Nita\'s PJ School
42. Susie\'s Mom4Safe
43. Tess in the Burbs
44. Minnesota Musings
45. Guidato dalla Luce del Dio
46. Robin\'s Life of Rileys
47. Enduring with Grace48. Opus Dei Academy
49. One Day at a Time
50. Katherine\'s Cornerstone Classical
51. Aubrey\'s Lab Rats
52. Susan\'s Deuteronomy 6
53. From the Roots Up
54. Aquitaine Academy
55. Skolachiron
56. PhotoJENic
57. Isaiah 5413
58. TeddyBear
59. Maple Leaf Academy
60. Basia
61. Testimony
62. Sarah
63. Amy\'s Allen Academy
64. Semicolon
65. The Genius
66. Red Bank Academy
67. Kerry at Ten O\'Clock Scholar
68. Seastar
69. Melissa
70. Jessie
71. Sandra Dumas
72. Angela in TN
73. CookieMonster
74. Lesser Road Academy
75. Jackie in AR\'s Loving, Living, and Learning
76. Nora\'s in the garden
77. Education is a Process, Not a Destination
78. Arwen
79. Swylv
80. MamaBugs
81. Chris in VA
82. Julie
83. Tolle Lege Academy
84. Willa (In a Spacious Place)
85. PheidippidesAcademy
86. Maria/ME
87. Kysha @ Love\'s School
88. OneRoomHomeSchool
89. Kel Pederson
90. The Crib Chick
91. Rhonda@LivingWaterChristianAcademy
92. Redefining Paradise
93. Tonia
94. Michelle (Daily Happenings)95. Alana in Canada
96. Kristen
97. Lighthouse Academy HS
98. Tracy@LighthouseAcademy
99. Sonja *Wonder Years*
100. The Dord Fian School
101. Paige @ Elemental Science
102. Educating for Eternity
103. Michal
104. Vita Passiva
105. Michelle
106. mom to five kids
107. Antioch Cottage School
108. homeschooler
109. Shawon
110. Faith
111. Survive the Experience
112. Angelina at Permanent Things
113. Integrity Academy
114. Keri @ Agnus Dei Academy
115. Amanda Horton
116. Karin Katherine
117. Equip Academy (Aust)
118. Makita
119. Linda
120. Lindsey\'s Simple and Sweet
121. Deuteronomy 6
122. Teacher of One
123. A Quiet Spot
124. Wendy
125. Mrs.DawneShelton
126. Gealach Draiocht Latin School by dragons in the flower bed
127. homeschooling6
128. Vecefam
129. Jolanthe - Homeschool Creations
130. Loose Leaf Paper
131. Laura
132. Vicki (Joyhomeliving)
133. Carletta @ Successful Homeschooling
134. Chucki the Parrothead
135. Brandy
136. Diana
137. Grace from Above
138. The Blessing
139. School 4 Princesses
140. Gail
141. Donna's Fishfella Acadedmy

You do not need to use these, they are just for fun. The Button is for your sidebar and the banner is for when you post. The banner is just a picture to input into your post when you create it, you can always come here to get the image link for it. You do not need to link the images to anything but if you wish you can link it back to this post. The link for this post is at the end "Permanent Link" so that others can click the Button and come here to see what this is all about.

Get your "I'm a Weekly Reporter" Button

And the banner!
Get Post Banner

Horizontal Open House image

Square Open House

The graphics are stored in my photobucket account so you can just link to them or download them and store them in your own photo storage.

Thank you for participating and sharing your days, it is a huge blessing!



LAURIE said...

TY, Jessica! This is great!

my5wolfcubs said...

I'm using your list as a jumping off point...even though I'm supposed to be planning for next quarter. This is what I get for peeking at the WTM board first!
Actually, I think I'll chalk it up to "research."
Thanks for all your hard work!

Tina in WA said...

This is wonderful, Jessica.

Thank you for taking the time to put this together for us, providing the button/graphic, and just being you! *Ü*

Enjoy your day!

~Tina who is off to add a button to her blog... *Ü*

Jetihoja Academy

Anonymous said...

Thank for the graphics, Jessica! I am just going to link the sidebar button on my blog to this post...hope thats ok. : )

barrellfullofmonkeys said...

Thanks so much for including me in your list. I've already added the button to my sidebar and am beginning to add the list of fellow bloggers doing weekly reports.

As always, you have the best ideas!

Kathy D.

LisaWA said... friend…. you are like my fairy Godmother for blogin....

Thank you for all of your time pulling this together and taking the time to help.

You have blessed me today... very much...

Lisawa~ the blog challenged one*Ü*

AmyV said...

I hope I can figure out how to add the button to my blog.

This is such a great idea...Thanks.


Margie said...

We would love to participate. We are sick right now, but I would like to still set it up. I think you have my email. Thanks for the idea.

Petunia said...

I had first seen the Weekly Report at My5WolfCubs site and determined to post a weekly report as well. I love the idea that so many are doing the same thing. I'll take a button if you'll add me to your list. Thanks so much!

Cellista said...

I like the two new graphics you added. I still need to play around with adding everything to my blog, but am frantically trying to get ready to leave town tomorrow. Thank you so much for doing all this!

I love your new blog look too! As much as I love maps and sailing ships, I think this is even better!
:) Kristiana

Karen said...

That's great Jessica! Is it possible for me to join this group? I've got a brand new blog and would like to do weekly reports (none are posted so far because we're only on day two.)

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Jessica! I've been doing a weekly report for the past couple weeks, so add me in!

Rhonda said...

Thank you for doing this! Can you add my blog to your list?

(blog name is Imagine)

Thank you!

Rachel said...

I've started doing the Weekly Report. It's such a great idea! Can you add me to the list? Thanks.


Training Hearts said...

Hi Jessica,
I've posted mine and will get the graphic added to my sidebar with a link also.

Here is my post this week:

Tami said...

I am working on my first week's report tonight! How timely that I saw this meme on Training Hearts site just now as I sat down to recap our first week of the new school year! This is great, Jessica.

I will be adding the button and side bar links, too, so you can put me on the list--

site URL:

site name: A Beautiful Life

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jessica,

I've been keeping weekly lesson logs this year, but I didn't know about the Weekly Reporters until today. The graphics are wonderful! Please add me to the list:

Site name: Running River Latin School

Many thanks!


christinemm said...

Hi Jessica,
I decided to join in as a HS Weekly Reporter. I thought it over for a week and decided to jump in.

Blog name: The Thinking Mother
Blog URL:


Stephanie not in TX said...

Jessica, I'm going to try this out too:

One Sixteenth

Stephanie not in TX

Linsey said...

I just stumbled across your blog! LOVE it! Oh how you have inspired me!! I love how organized you are!
I would love to be a Weekly Reporter. Add me to the list.

Tammy said...

OK...I've posted a weekly report for 3 weeks in a row, so I think I can manage to keep up with it. :)

Please add me to the list:

Evergreen Eclectic Academy

Thanks so much, Jessica! You always have such fabulous ideas!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
I have started a blog and just posted my weekly report. You can link me to your blog too.

Stephanie in FL

Robin said...

This is wonderful! I was hoping to do school updates for family and friends. This will be just the thing.

Anonymous said...

We would like to participate.

Anne said...

We'd also like to participate when you get a chance. Thanks for the inspiration!!


Elena said...

Great idea! I would like to participate as well on my homeschool blog One Day at a Time

Welcome to the 'burbs! said...

Please add me to the weekly report.

tess in the 'burbs

MamaBugs (Trish) said...

I thought I was listed here already but for some reason I must not have emailed or posted. ANyway...I have been doing my weekly posts and would love to be listed!

Anonymous said...

Please add me to your list. I'm going to post my first report today :)

photoJENic said...

Oh wonderful! Add me please!

parent to heroes said...

Jessica, I just did my first weekly report and plan to do one every week. Please add us to your list.

Zelda said...


Would you please add me to the list? I'll start work on additions to my sidebar.


G said...

Can I be added too? And add the button, all that to my blog? I'll try to be better about weekly reporting - thanks!

G said...

Forgot to give you a link to my blog! Ooops.

trish said...

Are we supposed to link here each week that we add a post? I am added another one!

AmyV said...

Oops, I just added myself again. I didn't realize what that was until after I hit enter. Sorry. So, you can erase number 59.

Leslie said...

We've just started our new school year, so I'd love to play along, too! Thanks, Jessica!

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe this will force me to put my children's work on the blog.

Thanks for letting me join.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Wee Pip said...

Sign me up:) Thanks so much!!

Mrs. Darling said...

Ihope you are still doing this after Christmas because I would love to join this!

unofficially, Chapulina. said...

I admire your blogsite so much! It has been a huge source of information for me, inspiration too! It has led me to other wonderful homeschooler's blogs, which has been hugely valuable to us!! Thankx and God bless you!


Kerry said...

I've been toying with doing something like this ever since I started blogging and have actually tried it off and on. Maybe knowing my name is signed on somewhere will give me the impetus to do it and keep it up!


Mom2legomaniacs said...

Hi Jessica,

I wasn't sure if have done this before or not. If I have, please ignore this! If I haven't, then I would like to be added at your convenience please!


Anonymous said...

I'm finally signing up, so add me as one of your weekly reporters!! :)

CookieMonster said...

I would like to join in the weekly reporting, if you'll have me. Let me know if there's anything I need to do.

Daisy said...

I'm still fairly new to blogging so let me know if I need to do anything else. Thank you. I always enjoy your blog!


Nora said...

I'm in, #76 weekly reporter!

Julie said...

I would love to join in. I signed Mr. Linky and will add your button to my blog. Can't wait for my first report on Friday! Julie

TeacherMom said...

I'd like to join in too. (Just added my link).

Thanks for the idea, the graphics and all you share at your blog.

Maria said...

I'm adding mine. It's eclectic. It's tongue in cheek, and it's not inspiring whatsoever...but you may laugh.


Rhonda@LivingWaterChristianAcademy said...

Thank you Jessica! I just began blogging and I think this will be a great element to add to my blog. Your blog is always inspiring.:)

Tonia said...

I started doing a weekly report on my blog, so I figured I would join up!

Sonja said...

I have admired your weekly reports for almost a year! I'm finally jumping in. Thank you so much, you have no idea what a support and help this has been to me and my family. I hope that I add my link in okay. Thank you everyone.


Angilee said...

Well, I've started a homeschool blog :) I like to look at other people's blogs, and my favorite ones all participate in these weekly reports, so I think it will be fun!


Paige said...

Thanks Jessica!

Kristy said...

This is great! Thanks!


Michal said...

i've been loving sonja's weekly reports and am finally ready for the accountability factor to join with you. thanks for doing this.

Vita Passiva said...

Thanks so much, Jessica! I am rather new to the homeschool realm and have sooooo appreciated your blog. I confess to being a lurker for a while now and am ready to begin my journey....anyways, I hope to weekly report more regularly in the fall when we start kindergarten! Until then, I am just learning about the techy side of blogging since I don't know much about computer lingo, and figuring out our plans....Thanks! I consider you one of my virtual homeschool mentors. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica -

I just did our own weekly report this week, and somehow stumbled on your group of "Weekly Reporters" here! I'm excited to be part of this group!

If you have a chance, could you change my name from "Michelle" to "Urban Cottage Homeschool Moments." Thank you.

Looking forward to meeting some other reporters :) Thanks for facilitating this group.

Michelle in Minneapolis

kim said...

Thanks for letting me join the weekly reporters! I've been thinking about doing this for a while, and I think it will be a good motivator to post more regularly on my blog. I am looking forward to being a part of this!

Set Apart said...

I'm a new blogger here. Taking baby steps! Glad to be a part of this group, and looking forward to posting. Thanks,

Faith said...

Hi Jessica,

This is such a great idea. Thank you for starting this. I just signed up but now I need to figure out how to get the little picture on my blog. Wish me luck! I'm clutzy at this kind of thing!

Thanks again.


Angelina in Louisiana said...

Better late than never. Count me in!

Sharon said...

I've actually been a weekly reporter for ages but only just added my link via Mr Linky. I was a bit shy before but it's done now!
~ Sharon from Equip Academy (in Australia)

Teacher of One said...

Glad to join a year late. LOL

Anonymous said...

I don't plan to start school for another two weeks but as soon as I do I'll start posting my weeks.



Jolanthe said...

This year is my first to post my weekly updates on my homeschool blog. :)

Jolanthe said...

I'm not able to pull up the link on the sidebar to this link for some reason. Do you have an html code for the cute schoolhouse weekly reporter button on your sidebar? I'd love to post one on my blog site - or I could also pull one together for you if you send me the graphic. :)

Thanks so much!

Chucki the Parrothead said...

Hey Jessica, I'm going to join the Weekly Reporters. The whole idea for my blog is to let the grandfolks know what is going on so a weekly report is a good idea for us.

I'm not sure I get the Mr. Linky thing though. Is it something I need to do?

Brandy said...

I am joining your list. My blog is mostly for the kids dad and the granparents see what is going on, but am happy to be sharing my weekly reports.

Laughing Lioness said...

Hey Jessica,
thanks for putting this together = ). I would love to join up!
have an awesome week!!Lisa

JavaMama said...

Hi Jessica, I have been reporting for the last 3 weeks but haven't reported to you that I am a weekly reporter :0). Just thought I would let you know, thanks for the encouragement!

JOYfully in Him,

Trish/MamaBugs said...

I am posting my reports again for this school year!

Jonnia said...

I would love to join you all in this. Please add my blog link, and I'll add link and graphic to my site.

Thanks so much!

Melissa said...

I've been reading these for a long time now and am finally on track with posting my own report.

I already started, saved the button, and everything, but didn't want to do so without letting you know and asking to be added to the official list.

Melissa (partyof5)

jamie in rose cottage said...

I finally joined in as well. I'd love to be added as well. The link to my blog is:


Anonymous said...


I would love to be added to the list of weekly reporters.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

I am inspired and would love to be a weekly reporter!


Dacia's School said...

This is a great thing and I have added your graphics It is si neat what you have thought up
Dacia's school

tina said...

I would love to join you as well! Thanks for the opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up!!

This is great! Accountability for my digital yearbook blog. Come check it out!!

Karen @

homeschool mamma said...

Just found your site and love it. Please add me to your list.

Sandy said...

I'd like to join! Please sign me up!

Anita said...

Hi Jessica! I'd love to join...thanks!

Here's my url:

Mom to 3 M's said...

Love your blog. Here's my URL

Oregon Mom said...

If it isn't too late to join in I would like to :)

Steve and April said...

I'd like to join in, although I'm not sure if I'll get around to it every week.

April E.

TheRockerMom said...

Jessica, I'd love to join! I don't know if I qualify, since mine is just a tot. We do "Tot School" and I already do weekly updates. Let me know if I can join in the fun or if I have to wait.