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Saturday, August 29, 2009

An Ending and A Beginning

My first term of college is ending tomorrow and Monday starts a new term with one class. I've been juggling three classes this term and I'm burnt out. I need a break and time to settle into our new life with the kids being in school and moving into a new place.

I am so stinking excited to be moving into our own place, but I'm a little timid about it too. To be able to get our stuff out of storage and make a place for live by ourselves. Moving in with family should be a short-term solution, enough said about that.

Work is going well, I really enjoy my job and the people I work with. A co-worker just got promoted and I'm very happy for her, she's only been there a year and it's encouraging to see her moving upward and onward.

The kids are doing well, growing everyday and the changes in them is apparent. Overall, we're all happier and content.



Thursday, August 20, 2009


Almost everything life right now is new. Bright, shiny, new...isn't that grand? New job (been there 2 months, maybe not so new), new lifestyle (single mom), new school (college online) and a few other 'new's. One for sure is that the kids and I are moving into our own place next month and the kids are starting private school on Monday.

I'm on top of the world right now, stressed and getting stuff done continously, feeling behind but still approaching everything with a smile and confidence that it will all get done. I've dated which has had its ups and downs, met some fabulous people and been able to let my hair down a little and have some fun. I think I forgot how to do that for the longest time and I'm making up some of that lost time.

My first term in college is almost over, I'm in Week 7 of 8 weeks and next is Algebra and Business Computer Skills. I picked out a new mattress yesterday and in the next couple of weeks, all of our stuff will be moved from my parents' house and our rented storage unit to our own apartment. I can't wait. To walk around in my own space, to be able to spend time with the kids without interference (did I just say that).

I haven't really had a chance to cook in the last 5 months, so that will be interesting, especially with my budget. Can you say rice and beans? Lol. Life is good and getting better every day.