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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Juggling 3yo with 2nd grade

Click on it to make the picture bigger. This is just an attempt to put Danny (3) on some sort of schedule and involve him as much as possible. There are mistakes in the schedule but I don't want to modify it yet. I forgot playdoh and other activities for him. I just want to make a conscious effort to do things with Danny during the day. This 'schedule' is not set in stone, Camille's portion is but Danny's isn't. It is way too hot right now (heat index 110) to send him outside to play as I want during history/science time. I thought it would be a good idea to try and do the same subjects at the same time, Camille is writing, then I am working with Danny with his tracing ABC's.

I'm finding Danny takes a LOT of one-on-one time to keep him interested. A LOT. It's fun but distracting for Camille. We're working on it together. He's doing well, counting to 4 on his own and saying most of the ABC song. He knows Frére Jacques clearly though! Lol. He wears me out. We played cowboys today, the kids got foam cowboy hats from Wal-Mart and all day Danny rode a stick horse saying Yee-Haw!

By the way, if you have a transportation-crazed kid, a Hot Wheels toothbrush is NOT a good idea. He cried and cried today because Mommy wouldn't give him his "tooth truck" to play with. I had two cups of coffee this morning and two Tylenol with an undesired side order of pleading, temper tantrums. There are times the Puuuh-leeeaze Maaaamma is just too cute, after the 78th time, not so cute. Surprisingly Danny is easier to handle discipline wise these days, I don't know if I've improved or God felt sorry for me. I'll take it either way.



JavaMama said...

Jessica! You are such a huge source of encouragement, I am in the middle of planning out our homeschool year.. ha ha, a little late I know but I am still learning. I am trying to include my little T-rex who is 3 into the mold. We have decided to do 1st grade over with all of the chaos that happened last year. Thank you for posting your plans though out your homeschool journey.

JOYfully in Him,

Becky said...

He sounds cute!
Your schedule looks great.
We're taking our last bit of summer break and start back on the 20th of August. Enjoying the peace while it lasts.