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Monday, August 27, 2007

Art within History: Ajanta Caves

This year we've incorporated art with history and I couldn't be happier. It is really bringing our studies alive! This week we'll be learning about the early Medieval Indian period in The Story of the World Volume 2 and in the second section of the chapter is about "Monks in Caves".

Here are some links we'll explore this week:

360 Degree views of the Ajanta Caves, with multiple views to explore, it is just like being there!

A photo gallery of even more!

And don't forget to use Google Images for even more, I just typed in "Ajanta caves"

The wonderful thing about homeschooling is that the parent gets be educated right along with the kids!



Isaiah5513 said...

Ho cool! We are learning about William Carrey (the missionary) and India this week in our TOG studies. The boys will find this very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was neat! I have to say I felt nauseous after the panorama shots, but it was cool. I just viewed, not toured. Are the individual caves located around the panorama shot?

Rhonda said...

I'm very interested in how you're incorporating your art with history. Do you have a post that explains this? I've looked around, but can't find it.

Thank you!


Trivium Academy said...

Hi Rhonda,
In this post

I have Artistic Pursuits within the lessons but really the art focus is coming from our history readings, the Middle Ages is fabulous for this. Although every time period there are sculptures, paintings, architecture to study. I didn't take the time to pre-plan it other than what I have at the post above. I pre-read the SOTW chapter the weekend before we're going to study it and if there's something to highlight in art we do. If not, then I have Camille do a picture narration. I might have her do both actually at times.

;) Jessica

Cathy said...

You may be learning along with your kids, but you are also allowing some of US to learn right there with you.

I went to Youtube and took a tour into the Ajanta Caves - knew nothing about them -- and now I know just a tad to pique my interest! Thanks for sharing.