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Monday, July 16, 2007

Our School T-Shirt?

How fun! Camille has decided she wants a school t-shirt and I don't see any harm in it whatsoever. So we went to to create our own and this is what we came up with. I'm not 100% sure this will be the final shirt though. I want "Rising to Nobility" and "Trivium Academy" on it but the artwork isn't my favorite. I love a compass, this one is just too ornate, especially if I got Danny a t-shirt. I need to play with this some more I think. If you decide to create one (just for fun or to buy), let me know so I can come see it!

Here's our FINAL DESIGN! I love it, Dh loves it and I know the kids will too.

Just another day...



Anonymous said...

The second one is great!
Go see our many "just for fun ones"

Anonymous said...

I love it Jessica! Very cute and creative. I'll have to check out that website. :)

JoannaH said...

Wow, Jessica. I liked the FIRST one so much I wanted to buy one! I'm just learning about this whole Christian classical homeschool movement since my husband picked up WTM at our friend's garage sale. But I ran into a homeschool mom at a party and asked her what she thought about the trivium concept. To my great surprise, she said, "I hate it!" and launched into a diatribe against memorizing details without context, which is what she thought the trivium meant. And she's a Christian homeschooler who has schooled her 2 girls from the beginning to the present, in high school!

Trivium Academy said...


I went to your blog linked and I'm sorry for your loss. I didn't feel comfortable posting there so I hope you see this response.

The very first homeschool group I went to said I would kill any joy of learning in my children if we used The Well-Trained Mind, that ABeka was the way to go. Well, I didn't join that homeschool group. : )

Memorization is a wonderful tool and it's up to each homeschool to use it in a way that will be enriching. I might have asked her about scripture memorization (tongue in cheek).

The trivium is so much more than just memorization though. There are links on the left side column for additional reading b/c although I can explain it, I feel it's best for each of us to seek out our own answers.

I'm here if you have questions!
: ) Jessica

Under the Sky said...

I really like it. Classy and fun - just like you!


JoannaH said...

Thanks, Jessica -- I should probably use a different username when I'm just out doing stuff. I love your website and the Bauer sites and I'm just here learning. Searching for 'trivium homeschool' or something like that is what brought me to your site, but I just recently learned the word. I looked it up on Wikipedia and learned that the trivium is meant to indicate grammar, logic and rhetoric, and what I'm trying to figure out if the idea of teaching world history 3 times on a 4-year rotation is considered an integral part of that, or if that "tri" is just circumstantial.

Trivium Academy said...

Teaching history 3x on a 4yr rotation is just an approach from The Well-Trained Mind, there are many different approaches, Great Books Academy, Veritas Press and other classical curriculums have different time-tables.

I prefer the 3x/4yr rotation, I feel it fits the trivium model best for learning, but that is just my opinion.

Trivium has more to do with the order of the subjects studied. Dorothy Sayers sort of modernized the medieval trivium and applied it to learning stages. That is how (I hope I'm not wrong in this) Grammar stage came to be about memorizing facts and being taught the basics of a subject.

: )

Anonymous said...

On rotating history, the child is able to experience world history at each stage of the trivium. It's a great approach because at the grammar stage they learn facts, then at the dialectic they begin to assimilate those facts, it's the light bulb stage; then at the the rhetoric (ideally) they should be able to communicate various viewpoints on the era/subject. Did that make sense? I know it was one long run-on sentence.

Heather_in_WI said...

Very cute Jessica!

BTW, I couldn't figure out how to put documents on my blog. I came over yesterday, poked around a bit, and figured it out. Many blogger thanks! :-)

(aka Heather_in_WI on TWTM board)

Karen said...

I like them both! One is very professional looking and the other is so cute and fun. Way to go! I'm on my way to check out that website. Thanks for sharing!