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Monday, August 28, 2006

Artistic Pursuits

In my search to find an art curriculum for my daughter (first grade) that would teach her: how to look at art, how to understand art and learn a little art history and maybe a little artist biography; I have found (rather classykymomma suggested) Artistic Pursuits. I thought my "wants" for an art curriculum were too much but AP is right on track for what I wanted and maybe what you want too...

From Artistic Pursuits' website:

Written for homeschool or independent study, these books are so student friendly that anyone, experienced or novice, will feel comfortable producing original and expressive works of art. Teachers easily adapt the books to the classroom. Using Artistic Pursuits, teachers know that students get a complete overview of the subject of art, written with order and clarity. Artistic Pursuits reaches out to all children and young adults who want to learn, capturing their interests as they work from direct observation and personal preferences. Parents, teachers and students agree that this is the art curriculum they've been looking for!

Artistic Pursuits, Grades K-3 Book One,
An Introduction to the Visual Arts

Units capture students interests and imaginations

while introducing fundamental principles of art.

Units are divided into three sections as follows:

bulletWhat Artists Do: Seven units cover activities artists engage in when making art such as imagining and observing. Students explore both drawing and painting techniques gaining experience in handling a brush.
bulletWhat Artists See: Six units cover the elements that artists use in 2 and 3 dimensional works such as shape, form, and color. Students explore collage, paper works, and color mixing. Students gain experience in handling scissors, glue and paper forms.
bulletExploring Ancient Art: Eleven units cover ancient art from the cave paintings of France to Gothic glass windows. Students see that art is more than just a painting on a wall. Cultures used it in different ways and for different purposes. We expand students ideas of what art is and where it is seen. Students explore mural, pottery, paper art, bookbinding, mosaic techniques and more.

bulletAre the books non-consumable?

Yes. The unit pages are filled with information and students work on their own paper to create their artwork. You can pass this one down!

bulletHow long does it take to go through a book, a lesson, and how many days per week should we work on art?

K-3 books are designed to be used once per week. Each book lasts approximately a year. Each lesson is about 10 minutes long and then you set them free to make their own art. Students usually work from 30 minutes to an hour depending on age and personality.

Grades 4-12 books are designed so that each book has 16 units and four assignments within each unit for a total of 64 projects. Plan two art sessions per week for a year of study/ one lesson per week for 2 years of study. Highschoolers wishing to go through the entire program in one year can schedule 4 sessions per week. We do not suggest this rushed pace for younger students. The projects within the books are not simple half-hour sessions where students copy from the book. Older students will be asked to explore something, observe, or set up their own still life, and then to draw from that. Younger students usually take 45 minutes to an hour to complete an assignment. High School students may take longer. Remember that students are working independently and this reflects student time, not parent time!

You've got to check out the Book Two and Book Three for K-3 as well. Can I say that I love this? Now if your child(ren) are older they have other grade levels. The price is great too! For one book (The K-3 Book One) is Price: $39.95/print packet included (set of 24 fine art prints) Hello! Print packet included!

I'm just sharing what I've seen in case you've been looking for something like this too. Now, we are really focusing on art this year. We're using Drawing with Children for our art lessons and Artistic Pursuits will be our art appreciation/history lessons. You may not want to do both or as much art. I want as many hands-on lessons our first year as possible to get my dd excited about homeschooling. She already is, but mainly because I tell her of all the neat stuff we'll be able to do together.

Artistic Pursuits had absolutely nothing to do with this post, I'm just an excited homeschooler sharing my discoveries with you. Thank you Amanda for your help!