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Saturday, August 25, 2007

French Lessons Example

Here's our French lessons for weeks 1-3. You click to enlarge it.

The formula is Monday-Thursday is the same lesson, repeated.
Read Aloud (with audio) repeated 4x a week
Learning Audio Activity
DVD supplement when possible
Games for enrichment and practice

Friday is our Culture Day.
Although we review our new words, we complete a reading about France and do an activity.
Then we read about France and the french with a read aloud.

I'm only planning 3-4 weeks at a time.

Here's a look at the reformatted lesson, this could easily be put on index cards.
Sometimes having something pretty helps keep the enthusiasm up and sometimes it's just pretty.



Mom2legomaniacs said...

Thanks! You are such a dear! Your enthusiasm is catching.
We are to be off in a couple of hours, so panic time!

Good luck and have fun with the French lessons. They sound fabulous and fun. I am hoping to get into Spanish in that fashion (well, maybe not as all encompassing as you are doing) after our trip.


Karen said...

Can you come over and teach us French? We are going to do Latin once we get to Roman Britan, but your French is contagious. Hmm, now I am going to go plan too, but I think I might do Spanish.