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Friday, July 14, 2006

Grammar 1 Reading List

I wanted to share something that might help some homeschoolers using the Well-Trained Mind or Story of the World Volume 1 book. I took 3 weeks to create a schedule of reading for our first grade year. Books may be changed out but this is what I came up with. Please let me know if it helps you. Forgive me if it looks strange, I only formatted it for my use not realizing that I might share it with others. I'll answer any questions. Egermeier is scheduled to read alongside SOTW-taken from Paula's Archives.

Also, yes there are 43 weeks. Some may be combined, this list was created to make my life while we were homeschooling easier. I wanted one source to find what books to read/check out from the library or buy. You can copy and paste into your own program and use as you wish for private uses.

Grammar 1: Reading Schedule 2006-07
This schedule is by the weeks of The Story of the World, Volume 1

H= History SC= Science A= Art
IR= Independent Reading RA = Read Aloud
HL= Home Library ESB= Egermeier’s Storybook Bible

WEEK 1, Introduction-What is History:
H: 1. Archaeologists dig for clues. Duke, Kate.
2. Scholastic's the magic school bus shows and tells : a book about
archaeology, Posner, Jackie.
IR: 1. Me and my family tree Sweeney, Joan
2. Bobs Books/Nora Gaydos, HL.
RA: ESB 1-10. A Child’s Garden of Verses.

WEEK 2: The Earliest People
H: 1. It's disgusting-- and we ate it! : true food facts from around the world-- and throughout history! Solheim, James.
2. The first dog Brett, Jan
IR: Bobs Books/Nora Gaydos, HL.
RA: ESB 11-18.
1. Odysseus. Rosemary Sutcliffe.

WEEK 3: Egyptians Lived on the Nile River
H: 1. The Nile River Fowler, Allan.
2. Egyptian gods and goddesses Barker, Henry
IR: Bobs Books/Nora Gaydos, HL.
RA: ESB p18-20.
Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile HL.
1. Odysseus. McCaughrean, Geraldine.

WEEK 4: The First Writing
H: 1. Hieroglyphs from A to Z : a rhyming book with ancient Egyptian stencil for kids.
Der Manuelian, Peter.
2.EGYPTIAN CRAFTSMAN Caselli, Giovanni.
SC: Magic School Bus: Human Body & Childcraft: About Me. HL.
IR: 1. Me and my family tree Sweeney, Joan
2. Bobs Books/Nora Gaydos/McGuffey, HL.
RA: ESB 69-72.
1. Odysseus. McCaughrean, Geraldine.

WEEK 5: The Old Kingdom of Egypt
H: 1. Who built the pyramids? Chisholm, Jane.
2. An Egyptian tomb. Moses, Brian.
3. I Am the Mummy Heb-Nefert. Bunting, Eve.
4. DK Revealed Ancient Egypt HL.
SC: 1. Fun with my 5 senses : activities to build learning readiness. Williamson, Sara
IR: Bobs Books/Nora Gaydos/McGuffey, HL.
RA: 1. ESB 20-27.
Magic Tree House: Mummies in the Morning.
2. Mummies and pyramids : a nonfiction companion to Mummies in the morning Osborne, Will.
3.Magic tree house collection. Books 1-4 [sound recording] Osborne, Mary Pope.

WEEK 6: The First Sumerian Dictator
H: 1. Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors. Broida, Marian.
2. The three princes: a tale from the Middle East Kimmel, Eric A.
3. Discovering the royal tombs at Ur. Glubok, Shirley, ed.
4.The Great Pyramid of Cheops. Thomsen, Steven.
Biography page on Cheops.
IR: Bobs Books/Nora Gaydos/McGuffey, HL.
RA: 1. Arabian nights: three tales Lattimore, Deborah Nourse 2. ESB 28-33

WEEK 7: The Jewish People
H: 1. Old Testament Days. HL
2. Dance, sing, remember : a celebration of Jewish holidays. Kimmelman, Leslie
3. Angels, prophets, rabbis & kings from the stories of the Jewish people. Patterson, José.
4. Abraham’s Great Discovery. Bernard Zlotowitz (couldn’t find in library catalog, purchase?)
Biography page on Abraham.
IR: 1. Joseph and his brothers. Auld, Mary.
RA: ESB 33-39 (6a), 51-69 (6b)
1. Abraham : the first historical biography Rosenberg, David
2.Abraham and Isaac Storr, Catherine.

WEEK 8: Hammurabi and the Babylonians
H: 1. Ancient Egyptians and their Neighbors. Broida, Marian.
2. The tale of Ali Baba and the forty thieves : a story from the Arabian nights Kimmel, Eric
3. Abu Ali : three tales of the Middle East Van Woerkom, Dorothy.
4. The friends of Abu Ali : three more tales of the Middle East. Van Woerkom, Dorothy.
5. They wrote on clay : the Babylonian tablets speak today Chiera, Edward
6. Ten kings : and the worlds they ruled Meltzer, Milto
Biography page on Hammurabi
RA: ESB 39-43.

WEEK 9: The Assyrians
H: 1. Ancient Egyptians and their Neighbors. Broida, Marian. (HL)
2. Gilgamesh the king. Zeman, Ludmila.
3. The revenge of Ishtar. Zeman, Ludmila.
4. The last quest of Gilgamesh Zeman, Ludmila.
IR: Bobs Books/Nora Gaydos/McGuffey, HL.
RA: ESB 44-51.

WEEK 10: The First Cities of India
H: 1. Exploration into India Ganeri, Anita.
2. One grain of rice. Demi.
3. The little brown Jay : a tale from India Claire, Elizabeth.
IR: 1. Once a mouse-- : a fable cut in wood. Brown, Marcia.
RA: Childcraft: Indian Folktales. Read from Psalms, Proverbs.

WEEK 11: The Far East-Ancient China
H: 1. Growing Up in Ancient China. Teague, Ken.
2. The ancient Chinese world. Kleeman, Terry F.
3. Ancient China. Simpson, Judith.
RA: 1. Maples in the mist : children's poems from the Tang Dynasty. Ho, Minfong.
2. The Story About Ping. Flack, Marjorie.
3. Tikki Tikki Tembo [sound recording]Mosel, Arlene.
Read from Psalms, Proverbs.

WEEK 12: Ancient Africa
H: 1. Misoso : once upon a time tales from Africa. Aardema, Verna.
2. Too much talk. Medearis, Angela Shelf.
3. Anansi the spider [sound recording] : [a tale from Ashanti] McDermott, Gerald.
SC: 1. Magical science adventure [sound recording] : 60 minutes of sing-along fun!
Thompson, Kim Mitzo.
2. What is a mammal? Snedden, Robert.
3. Armored animals .Zim, Herbert Spencer
RA: 1. Great African kingdoms. Sheehan, Sean. 2. ESB 18-20

WEEK 13: The Middle Kingdom of Egypt
H: 1. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Payne, Elizabeth Ann.
2. Growing Up in Ancient Egypt. David, Rosalie.
3. Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Barker, Henry.
4. Rimonah of the Flashing Sword : a North African tale Kimmel, Eric A.
RA: ESB 73-93.

WEEK 14: The New Kingdom of Egypt
H: 1. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Payne, Elizabeth Ann.
2. Tut's mummy lost-- and found Donnelly, Judy.
3. Tutankhamun : the life and death of a Pharaoh Murdoch, David
4. Hatshepsut: His Majesty, Herself. Andronik, Catherine
Biography: Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt, Tutankhamen
SC: 1. From tadpole to frog Pfeffer, Wendy
2. What is an amphibian? Schaefer, Lola M.
RA: ESB 95-112.
1. Hatshepsut the princess who became king Galford, Ellen
2. Hatshepsut : the first woman pharaoh Thomas, Susanna.

WEEK 15: The Israelites Leave Egypt
H: 1. Exodus from Egypt Auld, Mary.
2. Guide to Israel HL.
3. Moses. Fisher, Leonard Everett.
4. Walking the Bible [sound recording] : [a journey by land through the five books of Moses] Feiler, Bruce S.
Biography: Moses
SC: 1. Mollusks. Richardson, Joy.
2. Invertebrates. Silverstein, Alvin.
RA: ESB 113-128.
1. Moses: the long road to freedom. Beneduce, Ann Keay.

WEEK 16: The Phoenicians
H: 1. Writing in ancient Phoenicia. Fine, Jil.
2. Ancient Israelites and their neighbors: an activity guide. Broida, Marian.
3. Fire into ice : adventures in glass making. Houston, James A
4. In search of a homeland : the story of The Aeneid. Lively, Penelope
RA: ESB 129-171, 176-186

WEEK 17: The Return of Assyria
H: 1. Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors. Broida, Marian.
2. The story of Jonah Auld, Mary
3. The seven voyages of Sinbad the sailor. Yeoman, John.
4. Illustrated Jewish Bible for children Hastings, Selina.
RA: ESB 187-198, 171-176, 198-233

WEEK 18: Babylon Takes Over Again!
H: 1. Great wonders of the world. Ash, Russell.
2. Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Cox, Reg.
3. Forty fortunes : a tale of Iran. Shepard, Aaron.
4. The king in the garden Garfield, Leon.
Biography: Nebuchadnezzar
RA: ESB 302-330

WEEK 19: Life in Early Crete
H: 1. In search of Knossos : the quest for the Minotaur's labyrinth. Caselli, Giovanni
2. Atlantis Nardo, Don
3. Theseus and the Minotaur. Hutton, Warwick.
4. Ancient Aegean [videorecording] Schlessinger, Andrew.
RA: ESB 234-268

WEEK 20: The Early Greeks
H: 1. Growing Up in Ancient Greece. Chelepi, Chris.
2. How would you survive as an ancient Greek? Macdonald, Fiona.
3. Usborne Greek myths for young children Amery, Heather.
4. D'Aulaires' book of Greek myths / [sound recording] D'Aulaire, Ingri
5. The Trojan Horse, Clement-Davies, David.
RA: ESB 268-285

WEEK 21: Greece Gets Civilized Again
H: 1. Count your way through Greece. Haskins, James
2. The librarian who measured the earth. Lasky, Kathryn.
3. Black ships before Troy: the story of the Iliad. Sutcliff, Rosemary.
4. The ancient Greek Olympics. Woff, Richard
5. The Trojan horse : how the Greeks won the war. Little, Emily.
RA: ESB 286-301
1.She and he [sound recording] : adventures in mythology. Weiss, Jim.
2. Greek myths [sound recording] Weiss, Jim.

WEEK 22: The Medes and the Persians
H: 1. The Persians : warriors of the ancient world Reece, Katherine E.
2. The Persian Empire. Zeinert, Karen
3. The king & the three thieves: a Persian tale. Balouch, Kristen
4. The Red Lion : a tale of ancient Persia.Wolkstein, Diane
RA: ESB 330-338. King Midas HL.

WEEK 23: Sparta and Athens
H: 1. Time traveler, children through time. Bull, Angela
2. D'Aulaires' book of Greek myths D'Aulaire, Ingri
3. How would you survive as an ancient Greek? Macdonald, Fiona.
4. "Paper" through the ages. Cosner, Shaaron
RA: ESB 338-345

WEEK 24: The Greek Gods
H: 1. GREEK TEMPLE (INSIDE STORY) Macdonald, Fiona.
2. Trojan horse : the world’s greatest adventure. Clement-Davies, David
3. Greek gods and goddesses [sound recording]. McCaughrean, Geraldine.
4. The gods and goddesses of Olympus. Aliki. (Buy if unavailable at library)
5. Hercules. Burleigh, Robert.
6. Medusa. Lattimore, Deborah Nourse.
7. Max and Ruby in Pandora's box. Wells, Rosemary.
RA: ESB 345-347.

WEEK 25: The Wars of the Greeks
H: 1. The Greeks. Hewitt, Sally.
2.The X-ray picture book of big buildings of the ancient world. Jessop, Joanne.
3. Discoveries, inventions & ideas. Shuter, Jane.
4. Cupid and Psyche. Craft, M. Charlotte
5. The flying horse : the story of Pegasus Mason, Jane B.
RA: ESB 351

WEEK 26: Alexander the Great
H: 1. Alexander the Great : the greatest ruler of the ancient world Langley, Andrew.
Alexander the Great by Allen
2. The world in the time of Alexander the Great Macdonald, Fiona.
3. The great Alexander the Great : story and pictures Lasker, Joe.
4. Seven wonders of the ancient world. Laliberte, Michelle.
RA: ESB 351.

WEEK 27: The People of the Americas
Stretch into two weeks?
H: 1.Growing up in Aztec times. Wood, Mario
2. You wouldn't want to be an Aztec sacrifice! Macdonald, Fiona
3. The Incas. Wood, Tim.
4. Anasazi. Fisher, Leonard Everett.
5. Who were the first North Americans? Wingate, Philippa.
6. Stories from the Amazon. Pirotta, Saviour.
7. The two mountains : an Aztec legend. Kimmel, Eric A.
8. Thirteen moons on a turtle's back [sound recording] Bruchac, Joseph
9. Thirteen moons on turtle's back : a Native American year of moons. Bruchac, Joseph
10. Jabutí the tortoise : a trickster tale from the Amazon. McDermott, Gerald. Yes, we want the sound recording and the book for thirteen moons.
RA: ESB 351.

WEEK 28: The Rise of Rome
H: 1. Who were the Romans? Cox, Phil Roxbee.
2. Everyday life of the Etruscans. Macnamara, Ellen.
3. The Roman news. Langley, Andrew
4. Romulus and Remus. Rockwell, Anne F.
6. The Time trekkers visit the Romans. Mason, Antony.
RA: ESB 351.

WEEK 29: The Roman Empire
H: 1. Gladiator. Watkins, Richard Ross.
2. Ancient Rome. Roberts, Timothy Rolan
3. Rome antics. Macaulay, David
4. Classic myths to read aloud. Russell, William
5. Androcles and the lion. Nolan, Dennis.
RA: ESB 351.

WEEK 30: Rome’s War with Carthage
H: 1. So you want to be a Roman soldier? Macdonald, Fiona.
2. A Roman soldier. Caselli, Giovann
3. Going to war in Roman times. Butterfield, Moir
4. Hannibal and his 37 elephants. Hirsh, Marilyn.
5. Wars that made the western world [sound recording] : the Persian wars, the Peloponesian
War, and the Punic wars. Shutt, Timothy Baker.
6. Famous Romans. Part I-II [sound recording] Fears, J. Rufus.
RA: ESB 351.

WEEK 31: The Aryans of India
H: 1.The Ganges. Cumming, David
2. Buddha. Demi
3. World Religions. Bowker, John Westerdale.
4. India. Dahl, Michael S.
5. Buddha Stories. Demi
6. The Wisdom of Crows and Other Buddhist Tales. Chödzin, Sherab
RA: Read from Psalms, Proverbs.

WEEK 32: The Mauryan Empire of India
2. Find out about ancient India. Ali, Daud.
3. I once was a monkey : stories Buddha told. Lee, Jeanne M.
4. The ocean of story : fairy tales from India. Ness, Caroline.
RA: Read from Psalms, Proverbs.

WEEK 33: China: Writing and the Qin
H: 1. Long is a dragon : Chinese writing for children. Goldstein, Peggy
2. The Great Wall of China. Fisher, Leonard Everett.
3. Ancient China .Williams, Brian
4. Growing up in Ancient China. Teague, Ken
5. The magic tapestry : a Chinese folktale. Demi
6. The Ch‘i-lin purse : a collection of ancient Chinese stories. Fang, Linda.
RA: Read from Psalms, Proverbs.

WEEK 34: Confucius
H: 1. World Religions. Bowker, John
2. Confucius and ancient China. Rowland-Entwistle, Theodore.
3. The empty pot. Demi.
4. The Chinese book of animal powers. Huang, Al Chung-liang.
RA: Read from Psalms, Proverbs.

WEEK 35: The Rise of Julius Caesar
H: 1. Julius Caesar : great dictator of Rome. Platt, Richard.
2. Ancient Romans. Jay, David.
3. A pirate's life for me! Thompson, Julie.
4. The great pirate activity book. Robins, Deri.
RA: ESB 355-394

WEEK 36: Caesar the Hero
H: 1. ROMAN NUMERALS I TO MM. Geisert, Arthur.
2. Cleopatra, the queen of kings. Macdonald, Fiona.
3. The Celts. Martell, Hazel.
4. Cleopatra : the queen of dreams. Middleton, Haydn.
5. Tales from Shakespeare : seven plays. Williams, Marcia.
RA: ESB 394-422

WEEK 37: The First Roman Prince
H: 1. The world of the Roman emperor. Chrisp, Peter.
2. A history of ancient Rome [CD sound recording] Titchener, Frances
3. Augustus Caesar and ancient Rome. Greenblatt, Miriam.
4. Augustus Caesar's world : a story of ideas and events from B.C. 44 to 14 A.D.
Foster, Genevieve.
5. Sun-day, moon-day : how the week was made. Gilchrist, Cherry.
6. Shakespeare stories II. Garfield, Leon. Read Antony and Cleopatra play.
RA: ESB 422-448

WEEK 38: The Beginning of Christianity
H: 1. The story of Jesus. Batchelor, Mary.
2. The very first Christmas. Maier, Paul L.
3. The tell me stories, volume I : parables Jesus told. Lindvall, Ella K.
RA: ESB 448-471.

WEEK 39: The End of the Ancient Jewish Nation
H: 1. Behold the trees. Alexander, Sue
2. Judaism : worship, festivals, and ceremonies from around the world. Barnes, Trevor
3. Angels, prophets, rabbis & kings from the stories of the Jewish people
Patterson, Jose
4. Jewish holiday stories [sound recording (CD)] Weiss, Jim.
5. Festival of lights : the story of Hanukkah. Silverman, Maida.
6. Miriam's cup : a Passover story. Manushkin, Fran.
7. Celebrate : stories of the Jewish holidays. Berger, Gilda.
RA: ESB 471-489.

WEEK 40: Rome and the Christians
H: 1. I wonder why Romans wore togas and other questions about Ancient Rome. Macdonald, Fiona.
2. What do we know about the Romans? Corbishley, Mike.
3. Pompeii--buried alive! Kunhardt, Edith.
4. Heroes, gods & emperors from Roman mythology. Usher, Kerry.
5. Roman myths, heroes, and legends. Pickels, Dwayne E.
RA: ESB 489-516

WEEK 41: Rome Begins to Weaken
H: 1. Roman aromas. Dobson, Mary J.
2. Step into the-- Celtic world Macdonald, Fiona.
3. One hundred-and-one read-aloud Celtic myths and legends : ten minute readings from the world's best-loved literature. Verniero, Joan C.
4. Celtic fairy tales. Philip, Neil.
RA: ESB 516-528

WEEK 42: The Attacking Barbarians
H: 1. The rotten Romans. Deary, Terry.
2. Attila the Hun. Oliver, Marilyn Tower.
RA: ESB 528-552

WEEK 43: The End of Rome
H: 1. Ancient Rome. James, Simon
2. Science in ancient Rome. Harris, Jacqueline L.
RA: ESB 552-568

As you can probably tell I started planning our science books too. I gave this up and decided to just choose appropriate science and art books as we wanted them from the library.

UPDATE 2/2008: We are not using this anymore, this is just TOO much for a FIRST grader. We are now using Tapestry of Grace which allows me to keep the kids on their on individual levels (appropriate levels) and sharing the learning of a topic as a family. This and many other posts are a part of my rookie first year in which I made many mistakes.



Anonymous said...

I have recently discovered your blog and I truly love it. We think very similarly yet you are light years ahead of me in research and planning. I am so motivated by all I've read to be a better home schooler and thank to you for that!

Here is my question. I desire to follow WTM as much as possible yet I have read MANY negative reviews about SOW and the incorrect historical facts SWB has in there. What is your take on SOTW??


Leslie said...


I have enjoyed your website for the past few weeks, now. All I can say is "Thank You and WOW ".
Maybe you can help me... I am currently reading "Teaching the Trivium" I had not idea how intense it would be. Do you know where the "meat and potatoes" of that book is, because after 50+ pages i'm ready to toss it... I love the idea of teaching from the Christian prespective, which is what I desire for my 6 year twins, but this book is NOT one to try to read at night before bedtime. My time is very crunched right now. I just need to know where the "teaching" part of the book starts?
I hope you can help me or if there is other books or references PLEASE let me know. I have been reading "The Well-Trained Mind". It is a much easier read at night, but doesn't seem to be Christian oriented.
Thank you for all your shared info. What a blessing you and this site has been to me.
First year Homeschooler. Can you tell??


Trivium Academy said...

You make me blush, thank you for your compliments. It is exactly WHY I do what I do, there was no one out there that
shares their WTM journey in the way I needed it when I started. I'm still a newbie too, it's only our 2nd year. As for as Teaching the Trivium, you took the words right out of my mouth. BUT, I keep our book because it is nice to be able to look up their opinion when I want, and the book might prove more valuable once the kids are older. When I first started blogging, everyone was Bluedorn crazy, another reason to share our WTM experience. There are some homeschoolers that value their rigid legality and while they have a right to do what they wish, they need to make the same consessions as Christians towards other homeschoolers, I didn't find that to be the case with most Bluedorn fans.

Just look up a subject in the Teaching Trivium book, there will be some teaching helps. I'll help in any way I can if you'd like plus the Well Trained Mind Message Boards are at the site.

:) Jessica