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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Learning Room '08-'09

Welcome to our learning room

Two bookcases in the closet, flush to wall on either end.

Our Geography wall, not pictured is Geography Terms poster above bulletin board by my desk.

State Board by Region



Rhonda said...

Looks great! I just revamped my learning room also. I really like it and it is working well for us so far. We will see how 3rd grade goes, since we start week after next. Good job, looks nice.

Liz said...

Great room! I'm wondering what you have in the red hanging file folder? I also like your chore idea!

Liz in NC (from WTM Boards)

my5wolfcubs said...

Love it! You really know how to work a room! :)
The chore chart is really cool.

Adrienne said...

You did a great job on your room----I know from experience how long it can take to organize this most vital space! Be good to yourself, you are doing a fine job! I enjoy your blog immensely, by the way!

Michele said...

It looks great! I am inspired!


Anonymous said...

We love it!
Tee Hee--thanks for posting! We love to see pics of work and work space.

Great idea on the chart of chores, too.

Chris in VA

Diane said...

Love it!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the inspiration!!! Where did you get the blue hanging thing?

Celly B said...

Your room looks so great and is so organized! I love the chore chart! Where did you find the poster "Teach Me to Pray?"

Frontier Mom said...

Love your room. You have really been busy with moving and getting things together.

Just wondering what you keep in the bookshelf beside your desk. Are these mostly teacher's guides? That is pretty much what I keep on mine.

We have that same Indian tribe poster and I recognized it immediately.

Trivium Academy said...

Answering questions:

1. The red folder is our "daily folder" station. There are 10 pockets, perfect for my 2 kids so they each have a Mon, Tues., Wed., Thurs., and Fri. folder that contains what they have to do that day. I empty and fill these once a week.

2. The chore chart is just a recycled scheduling pocket chart that I got from a teacher supply store. I wrote on sentence strips their chores, pink for Camille and blue for Danny.

3. The bookshelf next to my desk contains immediate teacher books I'll need on the top shelf and two shelves are children's literature. Books that Camille can pick from for independent reading. The very bottom shelf contains my CM books and more teacher helps that I couldn't fit on the top shelf.

I have another bookcase inside the closet that holds our DVDs and videotapes and supplies. I have a hall closet that contains our games. Inside the closet is more storage but it's not seen when looking straight into it.

I've squeeeezed into this space and purged so much's taken me forever to figure out how to put everything and what to keep/get rid of. The next place better be bigger, I don't think my heart could stand another purging session.

Tracy said...

Love the chore chart:) I used to be a teacher and have that same pocket chart. I had been thinking of how to use it- your idea wins!

I have several of your posters too. I love the Geography Terms one.

Your room looks great!

Jennifer said...

I would love nothing more than to have a room for homeschooling. (Okay maybe I'd love something chocolate too.) We do not have space, and though the girls each have a desk in their room, neither one is able to focus in their room. So we are stuck with the kitchen table. Yours looks really nice and organized. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, can you do a post on how to make a chore chart. It looks great.

Also, I would appreciate if you can post ideas on how to organize HS stuff in a house where there is NO learning room. My children are 6.5, 4.5 and 10 months. Right now, I have an IKEA cubbies for books in my room. I keep folders, globe etc in my ds 6.5 room. All toys are in my dd 4.5 room.

Our school desk is lil tikes picnic table in my ds (6.5) room, and this fits my dd and ds perfectly for now. I don't know for how long though, because my son might grow of it soon.

We live in a very small townhome. Kitchen, living room and dining rooms are downstairs and are small. Kitchen is v. small (like apartment kitchen).

Any ideas appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I love your school room. When/If we remodel I want to have a room dedicated to school of course by the time we do that my son, going into 10th grade will be graduating. :-P

You did a great job putting the room together, happy schooling.


Jennifer said...

I love the way you have organized your room! That is my task for this week - organizing and cleaning our school room in preparation for starting our new year. You have motivated me! I'd better get to work :)

Heidi @ Southpaugh Homeschool said...

Your learning room is fantastic!!!
Since my two oldest children aren't at home anymore, I am rearranging the back room into our school room - - you have provided a great example!! : )
Thanks for sharing!

Lisawa said...

Howdy stranger.... I like how moving your desk over to a wall opened it up.... it looks great!

My peeps were all at a weekend camp ( all 3! RyLee is in Jr High youth group now!) and I have been cleaning and de cluttering big time. Best time to do that is when they are all gone so they cant say... hey I still want that! *Ü* Even if it hasn't been touched in years.... I still have both attics to clean out (again) some more...

Glad to see you all settling in...


Jennifer said...

I love how you labeled Danny!!!!!