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Friday, October 10, 2008

Week 4 Report

This week has been a light one, while I'm not want to stay in bed all day sick, I'm still coughing and congested which has left my throat raw and too sore to read aloud. When I cannot read aloud, it puts a huge damper on our day.

Family Exercise: This is the new beginning to our day, Jack likes it. We've taken a walk, did KidsWalk by Leslie Sansone and Yoga For Kids twice, we'll do TaeBo Kicks today (Friday).

Explorer's Bible Study: Discovery, Genesis: This week we studied Genesis 3. Camille is doing well, I am relieved that this wasn't too hard for her. I'm glad that I decided to try it when I was having doubts.

Horizons Math 3: Going well, today will be the day for Test 2. I'm having Camille write out the Roman Numerals 1-20 as copywork on a little dry erase board daily.


Prima Latina: I decided to just have Camille review the vocabulary and facts for Lessons 1-4 this week, we started off doing Lesson 1 and 2 during the first week and now we have all this vocabulary, it seems to be going so fast...too fast. I slowed her down and I think she's ready to continue Lesson 5 next week.

Primary Language Lessons and Explode the Code: We're on Lesson 103 of PLL and Lesson 5 of ETC 7. We decided to try one PLL lesson a day and 2 pages of ETC. In PLL, Camille is enjoying the descriptive writing assignments. I'm very proud of her for all the handwriting she has been doing without complaint, I have increased the amount significantly and I only hear of "sore wrist" occasionally.

Poetry: Camille is finishing up Merry Sunshine, although I think she'd be better off with another week. Next up is Foreign Lands by Robert Louis Stevenson which has 5 stanzas. A friend and I discussed having our kids memorize the same poems at the same time so that they could compete with each other. Camille responded with vigor, dedicating half an hour yesterday to reciting Merry Sunshine again and again.

Tapestry of Grace, Year 3-Week 4: We continued to read about Lewis & Clark and President Thomas Jefferson. Camille completed her President card so now she has George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson in her President card collection. We read Rumpelstiltskin this week during Afternoon Tea. Camille and I created a poster for The Louisiana Purchase.


Life Science: Human Body: Camille read What Happens to a Hamburger? independently, completing the 32 pages all in one sitting. That is an accomplishment here! Today we have to finish our Digestion poster and add digestive systems to our body outlines.

Camille has been playing the song, Persian Market over and over this week. She likes the exotic sound of it.
In a Persian market, you can buy a nice rug, Or some golden earrings, or a lovely jug. You can see a camel, in a Persian market, Or a goose who's honking, or a cute piglet.

Drawing With Children: I tested Camille this week for what level she should start at. She did well at Level 3! I told her I had to figure out what to do since she did so well.



I'm not 100% sure about our field trip today, the rainy weather is putting a huge damper on walking a trail and the other alternative is a museum. We'll see.



the striped rose said...

Your signature is lovely, Jessica!
We were going to Brasstown Bald (highest point in GA) to see the beautiful view in fall color. But today is soggy and foggy here too. If I am going to hike all that way, I had better be able to see into NC!
Your week looks great; what a good idea about the Roman numeral copywork. We really enjoyed Prima Latina. It has made Latina Christiana so much more do-able. We listened to the cd in the car over and over and did flashcard review daily and right before bed. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

I love the new layout!

And here is a link you might find interesting from BBC America considering what Camille is studying right now. The entries are pretty short but they might be a bit much for her but good for you.

Hope you feel better soon


Rhonda said...

Sounds like a wonderful week. I am glad you're feeling better.
I agree with Michele about the Roman Numeral copywork-that's a very good idea.
Your blog looks very good-I love the "textured" feel to it.

Angelina in Louisiana said...


Sorry you are still feeling poorly. I wanted to encourage you to take your time in Prima Latina. You are absolutely correct to slow down and let her master that vocabulary. This will all be reviewed at a much faster pace and with more grammar in Latina Christian. Mastering the vocabulary now will make later study much much easier.

Get well.
Angelina in LA

Anonymous said...

Love your week! BTW, I think the link is incomplete under 3rd grade science (Human/Medicine/Botany)--it's just http.
Can't wait til you fix it because I want to use what you are using! lol
Chris in VA

Melissa said...

Beautiful "renovation" to your blog. Looks like a great week even through your illness, though I hope you feel better soon.
Your links & ideas are incredibly helpful.
Thanks for always sharing so generously.
Melissa (partyof5)

Robin M said...

Sounds like a good week. We have drawing with children. I probably should try that again to see if it will improve ds drawing ability.

Beautiful new look to your blog.


Miss Jesi said...

Your blog is always a beautiful inspiration for our family's new home schooling journey! Thank you for taking the time to share it with all of us!