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Friday, September 12, 2008

3rd Grade Science

This is what we've chosen to study this year, in chronological order.

I. Human Body, my lesson plans
- Head to Toe Science by Jim Wiese
-My Body by Teacher Created Resources
-Easy Make & Learn Projects Human Body by Donald M. Silver
-Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book 5

  1. The Brain- What It Is, What It Does by Dr. Ruth Dowling Bruun
  2. The Magic School Bus- Inside the Human Body by Joanna Cole
  3. Why I Sneeze, Shiver, Hiccup and Yawn by Melvin Berger
  4. Look at Your Eyes by Paul Showers
  5. Body Detectives: A Book About the Five Senses by Rita Golden Gelman
  6. Inside Your Outside! All About The Human Body by Tish Rabe (for Danny)
  7. Enjoy Your Cells by Dr. Fran Balkwill and Mic Rolph
  8. Cells and Systems by Holly Wallace
  9. Cells of Plants and Animals (microscope slides)
II. Germs
  1. The Magic School Bus kit: The World of Germs
  2. What are Germs? by Dr. Alvin Silverstein, Virginian Silverstein and Laura Silverstein Nunn
  3. Magic School Bus- Inside Ralphie: A Book about Germs
  4. Cell Wars by Dr. Fran Balkwill
  5. The Giant Germ (Magic School Bus Chapter Book) by Anne Capeci

III. Medicine
  1. The History of Medicine by John Tiner
  2. Spotlight on Science Famous Experiments

IV. Botany (cells, classification, scientists biographies included)
  1. God's Design for Life-The World of Plants by Debbie and Richard Lawrence
  2. Cells and Systems by Holly Wallace
  3. Cells of Plants and Animals (microscope slides)
We will learn about the human body down to DNA and cells then learn about germs and scientists who made a difference in the world of medicine before moving on to botany which will start with comparing animal and plant cells. I will update this resource list as it changes.

Living books will be added to our botany studies, nature studies will continue and I think it's going to be a fabulous year!


1 comment:

April said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. I have been reading your blog lately and find that you have so many great ideas. We have been wanting to add fun science stuff to our school year. How did you come up with all these great ideas? Is there a type of lesson guide anywhere?
We tried using Abeka but it was very boring and now we are using some Five in a Row but....
I really love all these things you keep showing. I am going to go ahead and order the books you mentioned above....Are there any other ones that you would recommend?