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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Library & Our Schedule

We rely heavily on our library system to get many "living books" for our studies. I'm at the point where I record what date I request each book, some are delivered the next week while others have taken **3** weeks from the requested date to show up finally at our library. Our bookmobile day is Wednesday so if there are any books being delivered, they will be "in" on Wednesday, of course it could be Thursday if our librarians don't enter them in the system until later. This is a frustrating blessing.

I miss the professionalism and work ethic of days past. Enough said on that front.

To deal with this, I'm considering changing our schedule around a bit. There are three things we could do and this is what we currently do. Currently: Monday and Tuesday we study history for 1 hour. Wednesday and Thursday we study Science for 1 hour.

Option 1
Monday: History
Tuesday: Science
Wednesday: History
Thursday: Science

Option 2
Monday-Thursday: History 30 min, Science 30 min

Option 3 (I don't really like because it complicates our reading aloud time)
Read the books as they come in without changing the schedule

Another thing about option 3 is that the books I've chosen really help with the actual lesson. Okay, I know- why not just order the books 3 weeks ahead of time, right? I can do that but it limits the time we can have the books if they do come on time!

Just a few rambling thoughts from a homeschooling mother who wishes outside circumstances would work WITH her!



ThoughtfulMom said...

We have similar problems at our house. Our answer is to order books three weeks ahead and then be judicious about rechecking things online so that they don't wind up overdue.

You could look into whether or not you can renew materials either online or by phone.

Occasionally I pay a small fine to keep something for a couople more days if it cannot, for some reason, be renewed, but it is still much cheaper than supporting our book habits at Amazon or even BookCloseouts. :)

Cathy said...

I hear your frustration!! I had quite a few books on ILL from the public library I wanted to read for the summer. You know what happened - they showed up the first week of school. One was Beatrix Potter's Biography.
The librarians here are very good about giving me an extended checkout (4 weeks instead of 2) if I ask for it. It's something to consider if you know you might want to keep it for a bit of time.

LisaWA said...

Hey friend... I like option 1 best and then number 2. We use number 2 right now. *Ü*

As for your post on my blog.... I am going to painfully ask.... how do I update on your techno thingy.

My big words for the day! lol I’m sorry I’m lost!


Katrina said...

I personally like option 1 best. I tried doing both history and science on the same days, but by the time we got to science it seemed we were worn out! I'm sure you'll figure it all out though. Good luck!

my5wolfcubs said...

I like option 1. We currently do histoy 5 days and science T,W,Th...sometimes it's a lot. :)

WOW! I just noticed your changing inspiring lunatics on the sidebar -- very cool! And hey, thanks for changing the address of my blog. I plan to totally redo/update Stonewall Academy...eventually. Right now it is all I can do to keep posting project pictures!