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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Our Tailored 2nd Grade History

I don't see how this post could help anyone unless you have the same books on your shelf as I do, or it just offers encouragement but I'm willing to share nonetheless.

Our goals for our children:
• To be exposed to the glory of God and know that He loves us unconditionally the way no one else can and that He wants an ongoing relationship with us no matter where we are.

• To be exposed to a variety of cultures, peoples and religions to form a healthy view of the world that allows them to do as Christ commanded in John 13:34 ""A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another."

• To learn in a fun and engaging way that will open their hearts, minds, and imaginations to all the possiblities the world and God offers.

• To develop good habits early so that they may be good stewards of the Lord's word and have the tools to follow their dreams and God's will for them wherever it may lead.

With that said, here's our tailored history lessons for 2nd grade using SOTW2 as our spine with the many books that adorn our shelves. Each week there is a place for me to fill out what book we're reading aloud, these books will be chosen from the list of read alouds I listed before. If there is not an activity listed, it means it will be decided when we reach that point in our studies. If the books from the library are books selected from SOTW2's activity guide or All Through the Ages, I have noted that. I have selected books that are on 2nd grade reading level throughout the year for Camille to read on her own. The books listed are ones we own, even if they are on some other list. This does include the church history schedule to some extent and mostly primary source copywork.

The Glory That Was Rome - Chapter 1
Peril and Peace: Chrysostom, Bible, Jerome
Roman Myths by Geraldine McCaughrean
Mythology of the World: pg. 44-50
How Children Lived- p.16-17
The Ancient World (Kingfisher) p. 76-87
Kingdoms and Empires p. 28-37
Childcraft’s Places to Know: pg. 199, 126, 290, 216, 123

Reading Aloud:
ACTIVITY- Magic Carpet, Eat Like A Roman Soldier
Library: see SOTW2's AG or All Through the Ages for selections.

Copywork: “He succeeded in founding his city, and installing the gods of his race in the Latin land...that was the origin of the Latin nation and the proud battlements of Rome.” The Aeneid, Virgil

The Early Days of Britain - Chapter 2
Peril and Peace: Patrick
Mythology of the World: pg. 52
KF Ancient World p. 80-81, p. 108-109
Fav. Medieval Tales: p.8 Beowulf
Kingdoms and Empires p. 26-27
Celtic Gods and Heroes- Dover Coloring Book
ART: Celtic Illumination

ACTIVITY: Defeat the Romans
Reading Aloud:

“Tempest on the plain of Lir
Bursts its barriers far and near
And upon the rising tide
Wind and noisy winter ride -
Winter throws a shining spear.”
Storm at Sea, Celtic poem

Christianity Comes to Britain - Chapter 3

Peril and Peace: Augustine, Benedict
100 Events: 563 Columba
Marguerite Makes A Book
KF Ancient World, pg. 100-101
Middle Ages: p. 8-9
KF Book of Religions: 126-127
Our Island Saints: Augustine, Kentigern, Patrick, Columba

Reading Aloud:
Artistic Pursuits: Book 1, Unit 23: Illumination in the Middle Ages
Library: see SOTW2's AG or All Through the Ages for selections.

Copywork: “There is no salvation outside the Church. Love the sinner but hate the sin. Love and do what you will.” St. Augustine of Hippo

The Byzantine Empire - Chapter 4

Peril and Peace: Medieval Church
Childcraft’s Places to Know: p.169
Kingdoms and Empires: pg. 38-39
Who in the World Acrobatic Empress?
One World, Many Religions: pg. 18 Orthodox

ACTIVITY: Code of Justinian.
Artistic Pursuits: Book 1: Unit 21, Byzantine Mosaics
Reading Aloud:

Library: see SOTW2's AG or All Through the Ages for selections.
Copywork: “Justice is the constant and perpetual wish to render to everyone his due.” Emperor Justinian

The Medieval Indian Empire - Chapter 5
The Ancient World (Kingfisher) pg. 58-61, Gupta Dynasty, Hinduism & Buddhism
Kingfisher Book of Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism
Kingdoms and Empires: New Empires in India, Eastern Religions pg. 18-21
Mythology of the World: pg. 74-81
Reading Aloud: Buddha by Demi

ACTIVITY: Sand Art, Touch the Fresco, list the Dynasties
Library: see SOTW2's AG or All Through the Ages for selections.

Copywork: “The world is like a burning house. People are trapped inside, unaware of the flames of petty, worldly desires that threaten to destroy them.” Buddha

The Rise of Islam - Chapter 6

Monks & Mystics: What is Islam?
One World, Many Religions: pg 25
Childcraft’s Places to Know: Mecca, pg 62
Kingdoms & Empires: pg. 42-43
Kingfisher Book of Religions: 134, 136-139 (Koran)
Reading Aloud:

ACTIVITY: The Five Pillars of Islam
Library: see SOTW2's AG or All Through the Ages for selections.

Copywork: “In the name of Allah. The Beneficent, the Merciful.” Koran, first verse.

Islam Becomes an Empire - Chapter 7

Continue reading from chapter 6

Reading Aloud: The Seven Voyages of Sinbad
Activity: Valley of Snakes
Copywork: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor.

The Great Dynasties of China - Chapter 8
Monks & Mystics: Gregory the Great
100 Events: 590 Gregory
KF Ancient World: p. 48-49
Mythology of the World: p. 90
Kingdoms & Empires: p. 46-47

Reading Aloud:
Library: see SOTW2's AG or All Through the Ages for selections
Copywork: The Tang dynasty is known as the ‘Golden Age’ of China because it was rich and peaceful.

East of China - Chapter 9
KF Ancient World: p.50-51
Favorite Fairy Tales from Around the World: p.20-21
KF Book of Religions: p.64

Reading Aloud:
Library: see SOTW2's AG or All Through the Ages for selections

Copywork: Japan is called “The Land of the Rising Sun” and China is called “The Land of the Setting Sun.”

The Bottom of the World - Chapter 10

KF Book of Religions: p.26-27
KF Ancient World: p.140-141
Childcraft’s Places to Know: pg. 181
Mythology of the World: p.134-135

ACTIVITY: Become a Maori Warrior
Reading Aloud:
Library: see SOTW2's AG or All Through the Ages for selections

Copywork: The traditional life of the Aborigine is lived close to nature and they are taught, according to the Laws of the Dreamtime, to treat it with great respect.

The Kingdom of the Franks - Chapter 11

The Middle Ages: p.12
Favorite Medieval Tales: Song of Roland
Marguerite Makes a Book

Reading Aloud:
ACTIVITY: Fleur-de-lis Stamp and Royal Cape

Copywork: “Roland has set the horn to his mouth, he grasps it well and with great virtue sounds.” The Song of Roland.

The Islamic Invasion - Chapter 12
Monks & Mystics: Boniface
100 Events: Boniface
Childcraft’s Places to Know: pg. 201

Reading Aloud:
ACTIVITY: Spanish History Wind Chime
Artistic Pursuits: Bk1: Unit 24 Gothic Glass
Library: see SOTW2's AG or All Through the Ages for selections

Copywork: “Be steadfast in prayer. Practice regular charity and bow down your heads with those who bow down in worship.” Koran 2:43

The Great Kings of France - Chapter 13
The Middle Ages p.13
Ten Kings: Charlemagne p. 43
Monks and Mystics: Charlemagne
100 Events: 723 Battle of Tours

Reading Aloud:
ACTIVITY: Tent Full of Spoils and Puppet Retelling
Library: see SOTW2's AG or All Through the Ages for selections

Copywork: Charlemagne was known as the “Emperor of the Romans” because his empire grew from his valiant efforts. He started schools, built new roads and bridges, and fought wars to build his empire. Charlemagne also desired everyone to become a Christian.

The Arrival of the Norsemen - Chapter 14
How Children Lived: p.18
The Middle Ages pg. 16-17
Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky
Raiders and Traders: The Vikings
Sightseers Viking World
Gods and Goddesses in the Daily Life of the Vikings

Reading Aloud:
ACTIVITY: Vikings Chest

“Since tonight the wind is high
The sea’s white mane a fury
I need not fear the hordes of Hell
Coursing the Irish Channel.”
On the Viking Raids, Anonymous

The First Kings of England - Chapter 15
The Middle Ages p. 14-15
Reading Aloud:

ACTIVITY: Continue with Vikings Treasure chest, memorize Norman and Saxon by Kipling
Artistic Pursuits: Book 1: Unit 22 Medieval Tapestry
Library: Heroes Every Child Should Know by Hamilton Wright Mabie (King Alfred)

Copywork: “Then began turn into English the book that is named in Latin word for word, another-while meaning for meaning.” Alfred the Great

England After the Conquest - Chapter 16
Monks & Mystics: Constantine and Methodius
Castles & Forts: p.22-23
The Middle Ages p. 24-25
See Inside A Castle
Favorite Medieval Tales pg. 17
In the Time of Knights

Reading Aloud:
Activity: Blending Languages, Make this Medieval Castle
“A good man was ther of religioun,
And was a poore Person of a town,
But riche he was of holy thought and werk.”
The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer

Knights and Samurai - Chapter 17
Middle Ages p.36-37
Monks & Mystics: Vladimir, Divided, Anselm
Castles & Forts: p.26-31
Fav. Medieval Tales p. 51
How to be a Medieval Knight
How to be a Samurai Warrior
Children & Games in the MA p. 16-17

Reading Aloud:
ACTIVITY: Knights Treasure Chest

Copywork: Samurai are elite Japanese warriors- self-disciplined, honorable, and brave.

The Ages of Crusades - Chapter 18

Monks & Mystics: Crusades, Francis
Ten Queens p.43
Middle Ages p.26-27
KF Book of Religions p.110-111
Song of the Sun
F. Medieval Tales p.67
St. George and the Dragon

Reading Aloud:
ACTIVITY: Knights Treasure Chest, no copywork this week.

A New Kind of King - Chapter 19
Monks & Mystics: Bernard
Fav. Medieval Tales p. 60
Middle Ages p. 30-31

Reading Aloud:
ACTIVITY: Magna Carta
Copywork: “No free man shall be taken or imprisioned or dispossessed, or outlawed or exiled...except by the lawful judgement of his peers or by the law of the land.” Magna Carta

The Diaspora - Chapter 20
KF Book of Religion: p. 90-91
Walk in the Light, Tolstoy: p.337
Dance, Sing, Remember

Reading Aloud:
ACTIVITY: Clever Rabbi of Cordova
Copywork: “The life of a moment, and the life of a thousand years: your life and the life of all the visible and invisible beings in the world, are equal.” Esarhaddon, King of Assyria by Leo Tolstoy

The Mongols Devastate the East - Chapter 21
Middle Ages p. 28-29
Ten Kings: p. 55

Reading Aloud:
ACTIVITY: Watch Mulan
In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea.
“A Vision in a Dream” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Exploring the Mysterious East - Chapter 22
Middle Ages: p40-41
World in 1492: p.35
World Explorer: Marco Polo

Reading Aloud:
Copywork: “If you put together all the Christians in the world, with their Emperors and their Kings, the whole of these Christians, - aye, and throw in the Saracens to boot, - would not have such power, or be able to do so much as this Kublai, who is Lord of all the Tartars in the world.” Marco Polo

The First Russians - Chapter 23

Monks & Mystics: Vladimir

Reading Aloud:
Library: see SOTW2's AG or All Through the Ages for selections

1. Ivan the Great united many of the previously autonomous provinces and succeeded in freeing Russia from the Mongols (Tatars).
2. Ivan the Terrible was the first Grand Prince to have himself officially crowned tsar, and treated his people with cruelty.

The Ottoman Empire - Chapter 24

Monks & Mystics: University, T. Aquinas, Catherine of Sienna
Middle Ages: p.44-45
Renaissance & Discovery: p.24-25

Reading Aloud:
Copywork: “I who am Sultan of Sultans, the sovereign of sovereigns,...the shadow of God on earth, the Sultan lord of the White Sea and of the Black Sea...” Suleiman the Magnificent

The End of the World - Chapter 25

Monks & Mystics: Wycliff, Council, Huss
Middle Ages: p.38-39
Joan of Arc by Diane Stanley

Reading Aloud:
ACTIVITY: Cycle of Plague Wheel
Library: see SOTW2's AG or All Through the Ages for selections
Copywork: “Many died daily or nightly in the public streets: many others died at home.” Giovanni Boccaccio

France and England at War - Chapter 26
Monks & Mystics: Other Medieval Christians
Middle Ages: p.34-35
Joan of Arc by Diane Stanley

Reading Aloud:
Copywork: “One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying.” Joan of Arc

War for the English Throne - Chapter 27
Monks & Mystics: Renaissance

Reading Aloud:
Copywork: The War of the Roses was fought between two branches of the Plantagenet family, the Houses of Lancaster and York, the wars were named after the emblems of the contending parties: the white rose of York and the red of Lancaster.

The Kingdoms of Spain and Portugal - Chapter 28

Middle Ages p. 46-47
Ten Queens p.59
How Children Lived p.22

Reading Aloud:
Copywork: Ferdinand II and wife Isabella drove non-Christians from Spain with threats of imprisonment, torture, or death in order to establish Spain as Catholic.

African Kingdoms - Chapter 29

Renaissance & Discovery: p.14-15
Ten Kings: p.69
KF Book of Religions p.14-15
How Children Lived: p.20

Reading Aloud:
Copywork: Mansa Musa strengthened Islam and promoted education, trade, and commerce in Mali.

India Under the Moghuls - Chapter 30
Renaissance & Discovery: p.14-15

Reading Aloud:
Copywork: "Nothing happens, but by the will of God." Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur

Exploring New Worlds - Chapter 31
Ren. & Discovery: p.10-11
Ferdinand Magellan
Forgotten Explorer Vespucci

Reading Aloud:
Copywork: “I believe that this is a very great continent which until today has been unknown.” Christoper Columbus

The American Kingdoms - Chapter 32

Ren. & Discovery: p.16-17
The Discovery of the Americas
The Incas Sightseers Aztecs & Incas
Ten Kings: p.81
How Children Lived: p. 26
Mayan Folktales

Reading Aloud:
Copywork: When the Spanish conquerors saw Tenochtitlan they called it "The Venice of the New World".

Spain, Portugal and the New World - Chapter 33
Courage & Conviction: Eramus
Montezuma by Reid

Reading Aloud:
Copywork: Cortez seized Montezuma as hostage and forced him to swear allegiance to Charles V, King of Spain.

Martin Luther’s New Ideas - Chapter 34
Courage & Conviction: Martin Luther
Ren. & Discovery: p18-19

Reading Aloud:
Library: see SOTW2's AG or All Through the Ages for selections
Copywork: “All who call on God in true faith, earnestly from the heart, will certainly be heard, and will receive what they have asked and desired.” Martin Luther

The Renaissance - Chapter 35
Monks & Mystics: Medieval Christians
100 Events: Gutenberg, Trent, Catholic Reform.
How Children Lived: p.24
Ren. & Discovery: p.6-9
The Renaissance Art Book

Reading Aloud:
ACTIVITY: DaVinci Treasure chest
Library: see SOTW2's AG or All Through the Ages for selections

Copywork: “It is a press, certainly, but a press from which shall flow in inexhaustible streams...Through it, God will spread His Word. A spring of truth shall flow from it: like a new star it shall scatter the darkness of ignorance, and cause a light heretofore unknown to shine amongst men.” Johann Gutenberg

Reformation and Counter Reformation - Chapter 36

Courage & Conviction: Catholic Reform.
Ren. & Discovery: p.12-13
The Beggar’s Blessing
KF Book of Religions: p.129

Reading Aloud:
Copywork: “A peace above all earthly dignities, A still and quiet conscience.” Henry VIII

The New Universe - Chapter 37
Courage & Conviction: Simons, Calvin, Big Changes, K. Parr
Starry Messenger

Reading Aloud:
Copywork: “Finally we shall place the Sun himself at the center of the Universe.” Nicolas Copernicus

England’s Greatest Queen - Chapter 38
Courage & Conviction: Cranmer, Knox
Ren. & Discovery: p.20-21
Ten Queens: p.73
Good Queen Bess

Reading Aloud:
Copywork: “I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too.” Queen Elizabeth I

England’s Greatest Playwright - Chapter 39
Courage & Conviction: War & Religion, D’Albret
Ren. & Discovery: p.22-23
Bard of Avon
Shakespeare’s Stories for Young Readers
Shakespeare for Kids
Sightseers Shakespeare’s London

ACTIVITY: Shakespeare Treasure chest
Copywork: “Be great in act, as you have been in thought.” William Shakespeare

New Ventures to the Americas - Chapter 40
Courage & Conviction: Settling Americas, Bradford
Ren. & Discovery: p.28-29

Reading Aloud:
Copywork: “So the heart be right, it is no matter which way the head lieth.” Sir Walter Raleigh

Explorations to the New World - Chapter 41

Courage & Conviction: Confessions, Bunyan
Ren. & Discovery: p28-29

Reading Aloud:
Library: see SOTW2's AG or All Through the Ages for selections
Copywork: “I am inclined to believe that this is the land God gave to Cain.” Jacques Cartier

Empires Collide - Chapter 42

Courage & Conviction: Elliot, Other Reform. Christians, Enlightenment & Awakenings
Ren. & Discovery: p.28-29
Pirate Waters by Bulla

Reading Aloud:
Library: see SOTW2's AG or All Through the Ages for selections

Copywork: Spain was so huge and powerful that it was called “Mistress of the World and Queen of the Ocean.”

These lessons are for guidelines only, there's no pressure to complete all of it for each week. This is just to make sure we "use" the wonderful resources we have. Our history notebooks are a combination of History Scribe and SOTW 2's Student Pages with pages of handwriting put in for each chapter's copywork.

Things to be done as we wish:
Artistic Pursuits Bk2: Stories of Artists and Their Art which has artists from 1200-1850, so we'll done this as Camille wants to, possibly on the "light" days we have or when she requests it.

VP History Cards will be read when we approach the subject of the card, I didn't feel it was necessary to put them in the schedule since we'll be reviewing these each week.

United Streaming and DVDs containing information useful for what we're studying. We know what we have as far as resources, we'll use them as we want. If we're up to watching something on United Streaming, we'll look it up that day.

Biographies and Timeline: We will do biography pages on the main people we meet in SOTW2, using History Scribe's biography pages.

We are not doing a formal timeline but will have a worksheet for each area of our study: Japan, China, Australia/New Zealand, England, France, Spain, South America, North America, Africa, Russia, Italy, etc. and we'll list what each civilization/country is doing as we learn them. Hopefully this will help us to see what has happened in the past before we study something new about each country. I'm tempted to go ahead and do this so that it isn't another "project" during the year eating up time spent doing other things.

Games: We do have the Professor Noggin card games for Medieval Times and Explorers, we'll use these as we wish.

I don't know how sharing this might help others but there it is. Our 2nd grade history.



Mary said...

Wow! Thank you SO much for this, I know it was a lot of work to post all of that. I have been sitting in front of the computer all day tring to put together something half as good as what you did, and I only wish I had found it sooner. God bless! Mary

Kristi said...

I just stumbled across a link to this post on the Well Trained Mind forum. This is EXACTLY where my son will be in the fall. Thank you so much for posting this, it is an amazing help! :)

I am now a new follower too. :)