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Monday, August 20, 2007

Art: Hagia Sophia & Mosaics

Today we read about the Hagia Sophia and looked at pictures online. Camille has chosen to attempt to duplicate this mosaic. The circle with the cross. Although I think it's wonderful that she wants to replicate something from the Hagia Sophia, why couldn't she choose a fish? This will be interesting and I hope fun.

We'll also explore the world of mosaics and look at other mosaics from the artist linked above. You do know who has to do the template outline of the mosaic above, right? That would be me. I wish I would have thought about this a little more and gotten a book on making mosaics.

  1. Dreamer from the Village: The Story of Marc Chagall by Michelle Markel, Emily Lisker
  2. St. Valentine by Robert Sabuda (*I have this one! Not about mosaics but illustrated with)
  3. Daily Life in Ancient and Modern Istanbul (Cities Through Time) by Robert Bator and Chris Rothero
  4. Piece by Piece!: Mosaics of the Ancient World (Buried Worlds) by Michael Avi-Yonah
  5. Giotto (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists) by Mike Venezia
I guess St. Valentine will have to do unless the library gets the books I request two weeks ago in from interlibrary loan. Sigh. Thank goodness I have a few art books on hand with wonderful pictures.

YOU KNOW YOU'RE A HOMESCHOOLER WHEN... you pray to run out of glue or foam blocks!

Danny woke up from his nap and thought Camille was building him a road! She told him, "No, don't drive your bus all over the cross, Christ died on that cross for our sins and so we can live forever with Him in heaven!!!!" I think she's listening in our Bible lessons! Lol. Wow.

The final product. No, I'm not telling you that I was left to finish it about 20 minutes from the time the first picture was taken, or how many vehicles of Danny's has glue on their wheels. Did our lessons go as scheduled? No, and who really cares? This was a lot of fun.



Cathy said...

Don't you love interlibrary loan? Do you request your books online through the library system?

Trivium Academy said...

Yes I manage our library books online through Pines. I do love interlibrary loan with a few exceptions
- We can only get books, not audiobooks, software or DVDs/VHS through interlibrary loan, there's isn't even an additional fee option

- The libraries where books are requested from can take as much time as they'd like sending out a book. If they were sent the same day, I'd have all the books we need on Wednesday of the next week after requesting them the week before. Yet, there's no way to attach a message to the interlibrary loan online, saying "we need this for educational purposes, please send right away".

So what I do now is when I find a book that we absolutely love, I put it on a list to buy or Mooch. Last year I checked out over 400 books on interlibrary loan, I received 157 of them in a timely manner to use in our studies.

Yes, I love interlibrary loan!
: ) Jessica

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mosaic link. Amazing!

Tami, part-time blogger - full time scrapbooker said...

Camille did an amazing job! Beautiful work -- now where will you hang it? I would love some ideas for displaying all the beautiful artwork we make!

: )

Cellista said...

That's beautiful! And great attitude about the day too--it's the fun that counts.
I remember doing eggshell mosaics in 6th grade history. That was one of my favorite projects.

Great job!

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

We are waiting on our mosiac project - this is inspiring though. Camille did a beautiful job!

I can't wait to show the boybarians her work before we start on our own.


Anonymous said...

How pretty! When I saw the pic from the HS, I thought about doing a mosaic of that same piece, only using lentils and peas (yellow peas, red/black and brown lentils). We tried it before, but they are rather hard to handle. Glad you found a neat way to do this!
And, we definitely laughed out loud reading the caption under the pic of Camille working!

southerngirlmusings said...

The mosaic is beautiful and yes she is paying attention in Bible. :-) The Danny bus convo probably happens in many homes, I know similar ones happen in mine.

Interlibrary loan is cool but like you, I do wish they didn't have the option to take their time sending it or denying the request due to only a few copies. :( It is still a great resource.