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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Stepped or Leveled Reader Resource List

I Can Read book = (ICR)
level 1 = shared reading (preschool - 2)
level 2 = beginning readings (K-2)
level 3 = reading alone (gr. 1-3)
level 4 = advanced reading (gr. 2-4)

All Aboard Reading books = (AAR)
level 1 = for ages 4-6
level 2 = for ages 6-8
level 3 = for ages 7-9

Step Into Reading = (SIR)
level 1 = ready to read
level 2 = reading with
level 3 = reading on your own
level 4 = reading paragraphs
level 5 = ready for chapters

DK Readers = (DK) -- AND --
Eyewitness Readers = (EW)
level 1 = beginning to read
level 2 = beginning to read alone
level 3 = reading alone
level 4 = proficient readers

Carolrhoda = (CR)


"Holiday! Celebration Days Around the World" (DK2) -- DK Publishers
"Mendel's Accordion (CR) -- Heidi Smith Hyde -- Jewish Klesmer music (gr. K-3)


Ancient Egypt
"Egyptians Gods and Goddesses" (AAR2) -- Henry Barker
"Mummies" (AARs) -- Joyce Milton
"Tut's Mummy: Lost and Found" (SIR4) -- Judy Donnelly
"Secrets of the Mummies" (EW4) -- Harriet Griffey

Ancient Greece
"Flying Horse: The Story of Pegasus" (AAR1) -- Jane Mason
"Snake Hair: The Story of Medusa" (AAR2) -- Stephanie Spinner
"The Trojan Horse: How the Greeks Won the War" (SIR5) -- Emily Little

Ancient Rome
"Pompeii... Buried Alive!" (SIR4) -- Edith Davis

Stone Age Europe
"Ice Mummy: Discovery of a 3,000 year old Man" (SIR4) -- Cathy Dubowski

"Knights" (AAR2) -- Catherine Daly-Weir

1500s - Explorers
"Terror on the Amazon: The Search for El Dorado" (DK3) -- Linda Martin

Holland 1600s
"The Great Tulip Trade" (SIR3) -- Beth Brust
(a lightweight, fanciful story, but the "tulip passion" at that time was real)

1880s -1890s
"The Big Balloon Race" (ICR3) -- Eleanor Coerr

Modern Times
1912 - Atlantic Ocean
"The Titanic: Lost and Found" (SIR4) -- Judy Donnelly
"Titanic: A Survivor's Story" (DK2) -- Linda Martin
"Titanic" (EW3) -- Mark Dubowski

1920s - England/Egypt
"Tut's Mummy: Lost and Found" (SIR4) -- Judy Donnelly

1930s - England/Tibet
"To The Top! Climbing the World's Highest Mountain" (SIR5) -- Sydelle Kramer


"Red, White and Blue: Story of the American Flag" (AAR2) -- John Herman
"The Statue of Liberty" (SIR2) -- Lucille Penner
"First Kids" (SIR4) -- Gibbs Davis (children of Presidents, lived in White House)

1600s-1770s - Colonial
"Small Wolf" (ICR3) -- Nathaniel Benchley (Native American viewpoint)
"Finding Providence" (ICR4) -- Avi (1635) -- founding of Rhode Island capital)
"George Washington's Mother" (AAR3) -- Jeanne Fritz
"George Washington and the General's Dog" (SIR3) -- Frank Murphy
"Thomas Jefferson's Feast" (SIR4) -- Frank Murphy

1775 - Revolutionary War
"Paul Revere's Ride" (SIR3) -- Shana Corey
"The 18 Penny Goose" (ICR3) -- Sally Walker
"Sam the Minuteman" (ICR3) -- Nathaniel Benchley
"George the Drummer Boy" (ICR3) -- Nathaniel Benchley
"The Boston Coffee Party" (ICR3) -- Doreen Rappaport (silly story)

"Sacajawea" (AAR2) -- Joyce Milton
"Lewis & Clark: A Prairie Dog for the President" (SIR3) -- Shirley Redmond (1804)

"The Battle for St. Michaels" (ICR4) -- Emily McCully (War of 1812)


"Trail of Tears" (SIR5) -- Joseph Bruchac (1838)
"Amistad: The Story of a Slave Ship" (AAR3) -- Patricia McKissack (1838)

"Chang's Paper Pony" (ICR3) -- Eleanor Coerr
(1849 Gold Rush/Chinese immigrant)

"The Drinking Gourd" (ICR3) -- by F.N. Monjo (Underground Railroad)
"Escape North! Story of Harriet Tubman" (SIR4) -- Monica Kulling (Underground Railroad)
"Almost to Freedom" (CR age K-2nd) -- Vaunda Nelson

"Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express" (ICR3) -- Eleanor Coerr (1861 Pony Express)
"Civil War Sub: Mystery of the Hunley" (AAR3) -- Kate Jerome (Civil War)
"USS Monitor: Iron Warship That Changed the World" (AAR3) -- Gare Thompson
"Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln: Story of Gettysburg" (AAR3) -- Jeanne Fritz
"Abe Lincoln's Hat" (SIR3) -- Martha Brenner

"The Long Way to a New Land" (ICR3) -- Joan Sandin (immigrants)
"The Long Way Westward" (ICR3) -- Joan Sandin (immigrants go west)
"At Home in a New Land" (ICR3)-- Joan Sandin
"Wagon Train" (AAR2) -- Sydelle Kramer

"Wagon Wheels" (ICR3) -- Barbara Brenner (true; black pioneer family)
"The Josefina Story Quilt" (ICR3) -- Eleanor Coerr (true; wagon train)
"Snowshoe Thompson" (ICR3) -- Nancy Levinson (true)
"Daniel's Duck" (ICR3) -- by Clyde Bulla

"The Golly Sisters Go West" (ICR3) -- by Betsy Byars (silly story)
"The Golly Sisters Ride Again" (ICR3) -- by Betsy Byars (silly story)

"Dinosaur Hunter" (ICR4) -- Elaine Alphin
"Prairie School" (ICR4) -- Avi

1890s & 1900s

1904 - "First Flight: The Story of Tom Tate..." (ICR4) -- George Shea
1905- "Clara and the Bookwagon" (ICR3) -- by Nancy Levinson

"Eat My Dust! Henry Ford's First Race" (SIR3) -- Monica Kulling


1920 - "Man O'War" (SIR3) -- Jennifer Mckerly
1927 - "Night Flight: Charles Lindbergh's..." (AAR2) -- Sydelle Kramer


"Dust for Dinner" (ICR3) -- Ann Turner (Dust Bowl/Depresssion)
"Horse Named Seabiscuit" (AAR3) -- Mark Duvowski (grandson of Man O'War)

"Time Warp Trio: The High and Flighty" (ICR3) -- Jon Scieszka (silly story) (Amelia Earhart)


"Keeping the Promise: A Torah's Journey" (CR for K-3rd) -- Tami Lehman-Wilzig


Civil Rights Movement
"Martin Luther King, Jr. and the March on Washington" (AAR2) -- Frances Ruffin

Space Race
"Race Into Space" (SIR4) -- Eric Arnold
"Moonwalk" (SIR5) -- Judy Donnelly


"Joan of Arc" (SIR4) -- Shana Corey

"Christopher Columbus" (SIR3) -- Stephen Krensky

"Pocahontas: An American Princess" (AAR3) -- Joyce Milton
"The True Story of Pocahontas" (SIR3) -- Lucille Penner
"The First Thanksgiving" (SIR3) -- Linda Hayward

"Johnny Appleseed" (AAR1) -- Patricia Demuth
Johnny Appleseed: My Story" (SIR3) -- David Harrison
"George Washington's Mother" (AAR3) -- Jeanne Fritz
"George Washington and the General's Dog" (SIR3) -- Frank Murphy
"Thomas Jefferson's Feast" (SIR4) -- Frank Murphy

"Sacajawea" (AAR2) -- Joyce Milton
"Escape North! The Story of Harriet Tubman" (SIR4) -- Monica Kulling
"Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express" (ICR3) -- by Eleanor Coerr
"Snowshoe Thompson" (ICR3) -- by Nancy Levinson
"Sitting Bull" (AAR2) -- Lucille Penner
"Helen Keller: Courage in the Dark" (SIR4) -- Johanna Hurwitz

"First Flight: The Story of Tom Tate..." (ICR4) -- George Shea
"Night Flight: Charles Lindbergh's Incredible Ad..." (AAR2) -- Sydelle Kramer
"Babe Ruth Saves Baseball" (SIR3) -- Frank Murphy
"Free At Last: Story of Martin Luther King, Jr." (DK4) -- Angela Bull
"The Great Houdini: World Famous Magician & Escape Artist" (SIR4) -- Monica Kulling
"Anne Frank Biography" (DK3) -- Linda Martin

"Jackie Robinson and the Story of All Black Baseball" (SIR5) -- Jim O'Connor
"Lance Armstrong: The Race of His Life" (AAR3) -- Kristin Armstrong
"Sammy Sosa: Homerun King" (AAR3) -- Laura Driscoll
"Tiger Woods" (AAR3) -- Andrew Gutelle
"Tony Hawk & Andy MacDonald: Ride to the Top" (AAR3) -- Kelli Chipponeri
"Stock Car Kings" (AAR2) -- Andrew Gutelle
"Shaquille O'Neal: Man of Steel" (AAR3) -- Douglas Bradshaw
"Hoop Stars" (AAR3) -- Sydelle Kramer
"Basketball's Greatest Players" (SIR5) -- Sydelle Kramer
"Baseball's Best: Five True Stories" (SIR5) -- Andrew Gutelle
"baseball's Greatest Hitters" (SIR5) -- Sydelle Kramer
"Great Women Atletes" (SIR5) -- Darice Bailer


General Science
"Greg's Microscope" (ICR3) -- by Millicent Selsam
"The Story of Chocolate" (DK3) -- Caryn Jenner

Earth Science
"Hill of Fire" (ICR3) -- by Thomas Lewis
"Volcanoes: Mountains That Blow Their Tops" (AAR2) -- Nicholas Nirgiotis
"Volcanoes!" (SIR4) -- Eric Arnold
"Pompeii... Buried Alive!" (SIR4) -- Edith Davis

"Earthquakes" (AAR2) -- Jennifer Dussling (photos of 1964 quake in Alaska)
"Quakes" (SIR5) -- Catherine McMorrow

"Pink Snow and Other Weird Weather" (AAR2) -- Jennifer Dussling
"Storm Chasers" (AAR3) -- Gail Herman
"Twisters!" (DK2) -- Kate Hayden

Astronomy - Nature
"Planets" (AAR2) -- Jennifer Dussling
"Mars: The Red Planet" (AAR3) -- Patricia Demuth
"Starry Sky" (DK2) -- DK Publishers (stars and constellations)
"Old Shell New Shell: A Coral Reef Tale" -- Helen Ward (PK-3rd)

Astronomy - Man
"Race Into Space" (SIR4) -- Eric Arnold
"Rockets and Spaceships (DK1) -- Karen Wallace
"Astronaut: Living in Space" (DK2) -- Kate Hayden


Natural Phenomenon
"Water" (AAR1) -- Emily Neye
"Lightning: It's Electrifying" (AAR3) -- Jennifer Dussling

"Motocycles!" (SIR3) -- Susan Goodman
"Heavy Duty Trucks" (SIR3) -- Joyce Milton
"Choppers!" (SIR4) -- Susan Goodman
"Submarines" (SIR4) -- Sydelle Kramer

Life Science

"Earth Smart: How To Take Care of Environment" (DK2) -- Ashley Jacquavis

"Apples and How They Grow" (AAR1) -- Laura Driscoll
"Hungry Plants" (SIR4) -- Mary Batten
"The Secret Life of Trees" (EW2) -- Barbara Hazen

Human Body
"You Can't Smell A Flower with Your Ear" (AAR2) -- Joanna Cole (5 senses)
"Bones" (SIR2) -- Stephen Krensky


"The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto" (SIR3) -- Natalie Standiford
"The Bravest Cat: The True Story of Scarlet" (AAR1) -- Laura Driscoll
"The Animal Rescue Club" (ICR4) -- John Himmelman
"Amazing Arctic Animals" (AAR2) -- Jackie Glassman
"Freak Out!: Animals Beyond Wildest Imagination" (AAR2) -- Ginjer Clarke
"Gross Out!: Animals That Do Disgusting Things" (AAR2) -- Ginjer Clarke
"Whose Feet?" (SIR2) -- Nina Hess (functions of various animal feet)
"Animal Hide and Seek" (DK1) -- DK Publishers (animal camoflauge)
"Feathers, Flippers and Feet" (DK2) -- DK Publishers
"Munching, Crunching, Sniffing..." (EW2) -- Brian Moses (animal mouths)

"Dinosaur Time" (ICR1) by Peggy Parish
"After The Dinosaurs" (ICR2) by Charlotte Lewis Brown
"Beyond The Dinosaurs" (ICR2) by Charlotte Lewis Brown
"The Day The Dinosaurs Died" (ICR2) by Charlotte Lewis Brown
"Dinosaur Hunter" (ICR4) -- by Elaine Alphin (1880s dino hunters)
"Dinosaur Hungers" (SIR5) -- Kate McMullan (modern dino hunters)
"Dinosaur Eggs" (AAR2) -- Jennifer Dussling
"Dinosaur Babyies (SIR2) -- Lucille Penner
"Dinosaur Days" (SIR3) -- Joyce Milton
"Dactyls! Dragons of the Air" (SIR4) -- Robert Bakker
"Dino Dung" (SIR5) -- Karen Chin
"T-Rex: Huner or Scavenger?" (SIR5) -- Thomas Holz
"Dinosaur Detectives" (DK4) -- Linda Martin

Mammals - Land

"Amazing Gorillas!" (ICR2) by Sarah L. Thomson
"Gorillas" (AAR2) -- Patricia Demuth
"Gorillas: Gentle Giants of the Forest" (SIR3) -- Joyce Milton
"Wild Cats" (SIR4) -- Mary Batten
"Tigers" ICR2) (Wildlife Conservation Society) by Sarah L. Thomson
"Big Cats" (AAR2) -- Joyce Milton
"Cheetah Cubs" (AAR2) -- Ginjer Clarke
"Wild, Wild Wolves" (SIR3) -- Joyce Milton
"Horses" (AAR2) -- Laura Driscoll
"Ponies" (AAR2) -- Pam and Belviso Pollack
"Baby Wolf" (AAR2) -- Mary Batten
"Bats: Creatures of the Night" (AAR2) -- Joyce Milton
"Bear Cub" (AAR2) -- Pam and Belviso Pollack
"Platypus!) (SIR2) -- Ginjer Clarke

Mammals - Ocean

"Amazing Dolphins!" (ICR2) -- by Sarah L. Thomson
"Do Dolphins Really Smile?" (AAR2) -- Laura Driscoll
"Dolphins" (SIR3) -- Sharon Bokoske
"Whales" (AAR2) -- Graham Faiella
"Whales: The Gentle Giants" (SIR3) -- Joyce Milton
"Journey of a Humpback Whale" (DK2) -- Caryn Jenner

"Amazing Sharks!" (ICR2) by Sarah L. Thomson
"Hungry, Hungry Sharks!" (SIR3) -- Joanna Cole

Ocean Creatures
"Giant Squid: Mystery of the Deep" (AAR2) -- Jennifer Dussling
"Tentacles! Tales of the Giant Squid" (SIR3) -- Shirley Redmond
"Way Down Deep: Strange Ocean Creatures" (AAR2) -- Patricia Demuth

Reptiles/ Amphibians
"Amazing Snakes!" (ICR2 by Sarah L. Thomson
"Snakes" (AAR2) -- Patricia Demuth
"S-s-snakes!" (SIR3) -- Lucille Penner
"Amazing Whales!" (ICR2) by Sarah L. Thomson
"Turtles" (AAR1) -- Jodi Huelin
"Giant Lizards" (AAR2) -- Ginjer Clarke
"Baby Alligator" (AAR2) -- Ginjer Clarke
"Frogs" (AAR1) -- Laura Driscoll

"Robins: Songbirds of Spring" (CR for K-3rd) -- Mia Posada
"Time Warp Trio: South Pole or Bust" (ICR3) -- by Jon Scieszka (silly story)

"Butterflies" (AAR2) -- Emily Neye
"Honeybees" (AAR2) -- Joyce Milton
"Honeybees" (SIR2) -- Emily Neye
"Monster Bugs" (SIR3) -- Lucille Penner
"Spider's Lunch: All About Garden Spiders" (AAR1) -- Joanna Cole
"Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!" (EW2) -- Jennifer Dussling
"Ladybugs: Red, Fiery, and Bright" (CR for K-3rd) -- Mia Posada


Money/Small Business Concepts
"Arthur's Funny Money" (ICR2) by Lillian Hoban

"Busy Bugs: A Book about Patterns " (AAR1) -- Jayne Harvey
" Pattern Fish" -- Trudy Harris -- (PK-2nd)
" Pattern Bugs" -- Trudy Harris -- (PK-2nd)

"Cat Show" (AAR1) -- Jayne Harvey

"One Hundred Shoes" (SIR2) -- charles Ghigna

"Shape Spotters" (AAR1) -- Megan Bryant

"Five Silly Fishermen" (SIR2) -- Roberta Edwards
"100 Monsters in My School" (AAR2 )-- Bonnie Bader
"20 Hungry Piggies" -- Trudy Harris (PK-2nd) -- counting and ordinal numbers

"The Dragon's Scales" (SIR3) -- Sarah Albee
"How Big is Big" -- Stephen Strauss (PK-2nd)
"Little Numbers" -- Edward Packard (K-4th) -- fractional and decimal numbers

"Graphs" (AAR2 )-- Bonnie Bader
"Fly on the Ceiling" (SIR4) -- Julie Glass

"A Dollar For Penny" (SIR) -- Julie Glass
"Bowwow Bake Sale" (AAR3 )-- Judith Stamper

"The Smushy Bus" -- Leslie Helakoski -- all 4 operations (K-3rd)
"Breakfast at Danny's Diner" (AAR3 )-- Judith Stamper -- multiplication

Math is Categorical series
"The Mission of Addition" -- Brian Cleary -- addition (K-3rd)
"The Action of Subtraction" -- Brian Cleary -- subtraction (K-3rd)

"Go, Fractions!" (AAR3 )-- Judith StamperPatterns

Math Matters series (K-3rd) -- delightful math dilemnas, clever character solutions
"The 100-Pound Problem" -- Jennifer Dussling -- weight
"All Aboard" -- Daphne Skinner -- time/schedule
"Bad Luck Brad" -- Gail Herman -- estimating
"Carrie Measures Up" -- Linda Aber -- measuring
"Chickens on the Move" -- Pam Pollack -- area and perimeter
"Clean Sweep Campers" -- Lucille Penner -- fractions
"A Collection for Kate" -- Barbara deRubertis -- sorting
"Everybody Wins" -- Sheila Bruce -- division
"Grandma's Button Box" -- Linda Aber -- sorting
"It's About Time, Max!" -- Kitty Richards -- telling time
"Sam's Sneaker Squares" -- Nat Gabriel -- measuring
"Stacks of Trouble" -- Martha Brenner -- multiplication
"Tightwad Tod" -- Daphne Skinner -- money
"Where's That Bone" -- Lucille Penner -- mapping
"Who's Got Spots" -- Linda Aber -- organizing information with tallies and graphs
"X Marks the Spot" -- Lucille Penner -- mapping


Words Are Categorical series (K-3rd)
"A Mink, A Fink, a Skating Rink: What is a Noun?" -- Brian Cleary
"A Lime, A Mime, a Pool of Slime: More About Nouns" -- Brian Cleary
"To Root, to Toot, to Parachute: What is a Verb? -- Brian Cleary
"Slide, Slurp, Scratch and Burp: More About Verbs" -- Brian Cleary
"Hairy, Scary, Ordinary: What is an Adjective?" -- Brian Cleary
"Dearly, Nearly, Insincerely: What is an Adverb?" -- Brian Cleary
"I and You and Don't Forget Who: What is a Pronoun?" -- Brian Cleary
"Under, Over, By the Clover: What is a Preposition?" -- Brian Cleary
"Pitch and Throw, Grasp and Know: What is a Synonym? -- Brian Cleary
"How Much Can a Bare Bear Bear: What are Homonyms and Homophones?"
"Stop and Go, Yes and No: What is an Antinym?" -- Brian Cleary

"Rhyme and Punishment: Adventures in Wordplay" -- Brian Cleary

Millbrook Picture Book series (
"Written Anything Good Lately?" -- Susan Allen -- (K-4th) -- 26 types of writing
"Read Anything Good Lately" -- Susan Allen -- (K-4th) -- 26 types of things to read


"Blast Off!" (ICR3) -- by Lee Bennett Hopkins
"Weather: Poems For All Seasons" (ICR3) -- by Lee Bennett Hopkins
"Surprises" (ICR3) -- by Lee Bennett Hopkins
"It's Snowing! It's Snowing!" (ICR3) -- by Jack Prelutsky
"Caveman Manners and Other Polite Poems" (AAR2) -- David Steinburg
"Club Pet and Other Funny Poems" (AAR2) -- David Steinburg
"Grasshopper Pie and Other Poems (AAR2) -- David Steinburg
"I Brought My Rat for Sjow and Tell" (AAR2) -- Joan Horton
"Rainbow Soup: Adventures in Poetry" -- Brian Cleary


"Anna's Art Adventure" (CR for gr. K-3rd) -- Bjorn Sortland (artists)
"The Story of the Search for the Story" (CR for gr. K-3rd) -- Bjorn Sortland (authors)

"Art Is..." (Bob Raczka) -- (K-4th)
"Unlikely Pairs: Fun With Famous Works of Art" -- Bob Raczka (PK-4th)
"3D ABC: A Sculptural Alphabet" -- Bob Raczka (PK-4th)
"No One Saw: Ordinary Things Through Eyes of An Artist" -- Bob Raczka (PK-2nd)
"More Than Meets the Eye: Seeing Art With All Five Senses" -- Bob Raczka (K-4th)
"Here's Looking At Me: How Artists See Themselves -- Bob Raczka (gr .2-5)

This is another homeschooler's list, she's amazes me with impressive book lists, and this is just ONE of them. I'm posting these because she doesn't have a blog and she doesn't want to be identified, I think she's scared I would stalk her. Lol.

This will be linked at Paula's Archives for future reference.




ThoughtfulMom said...


Thank you! This has to be the single most useful homeschool-related blog post that I've seen anywhere in a long time.

Of course, that could be because I've been trying to put such a list together myself. :)

Please thank your friend for me too!

Joy in KC said...

Wow, Tell your friend thanks for the list. This will be very helpful.

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for posting this list. It will be SO helpful :)

Joan said...

Hi Jessica,

My Google Alert sent me to your blog.
I was delighted to see you have so many of books that i've written and/or illustrated on your reading list.
Under US History 1870, you might want to add AT HOME IN A NEW LAND the third in my Long Way immigration trilogy.


organizing a homeschool said...

Your work is marvelous!!