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Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 Recap

What a different life I lead than last year! The kids are doing well at private school but due to finances, next year they will go to public school. This year has flown by and it's been a rollercoaster ride- there have been thrilling hills climbed and thankfully only small downhills. For the most part it's been a boring rollercoaster and I couldn't be MORE thankful for that.

Just to recap during this time last year, I was working a part-time job at night to save money to leave and divorce my ex while homeschooling Camille during the day and Danny was going to a Montessori preschool. It was a tumultuous and stressful time but I felt positive because I was being proactive. I was in counseling and had just finished reading Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.

From January to March it was lawyers, juggling responsibilities and being unsure about what the future would hold for us. The kids and I moved in with my parents so I could get my feet back under me to support us after staying at home for 4 years. I worked as a retail manager until June when it was apparent that type of job was not best for me or the kids. I couldn't work 3-10pm one day and 7am-3pm the next. The kids would be starting school in July and I needed something more stable for them and myself. I was very blessed to find a job at a bank and be able to make a job change while most people couldn't find any work. (Let me rephrase that, couldn't find work that they wanted to do.)

It was also in June that I decided to date again, after a few horrible blind dates, I met a police officer who was a transplant from New Hampshire. I'm a Navy brat with two Northern parents, I was raised in the south. The good ole southern gentlemen with their thick accents, sole-minded interest in trucks, hunting, fishing, golf, southern football and beer just do not interest me, so Brian was a refreshing change. He had goals he was trying to accomplish just as I did and we did well to stay mindful of that. The time spent with Brian was good, I learned a lot about myself during the month and half that we dated while the kids were gone. Our road divided and we've gone our separate ways, he's still going after his goals and doing well. We're friends now and check in with each other every now and then.

My private dating life took a fabulous turn when I met Michael. I really didn't want to date him at all, he shares the same name as my ex. That was a HUGE factor against him and it took me a month to finally answer him. When we met, I had this insane urge to run my fingers through his hair (which I didn't do at that time) and I felt immediately at ease with him.

I hesitate writing anything about him, I don't want to sound like lovesick schoolgirl. I am in the best relationship I've ever had in my life. When two people accept each other as they are and celebrate each other's strengths - there is nothing else more precious. We've both had troubled relationships in the past and learned our lessons, with each other we're very conscious of what both of us needs. We are different in a lot of ways, such as I'm a planner and he's not. For some that wouldn't work but he appreciates knowing someone is thinking ahead and I appreciate the spontaneity that can occur when there isn't a plan or even the deviation from the plan. I'm pretty spontaneous myself but it works because we're both easy-going.

I could go on and on about how wonderful we are together. I could mention all the things I appreciate about him and all the benefits of being with someone who really understands you and wants the best for you, someone who respects and admires you even after they've seen you at your worst. Someone you can't wait to see at the end of the day, someone who you're comfortable just being with without feeling like you have to say or do something to make them happy. A healthy give and take relationship. Finally.

After 3 months, we still haven't had a fight or argument. We discuss things, we talk before anything escalates, we know when each other is upset and we both strive to take care of each other. I'm still blown away that he knows I'm upset before I utter a word. It's nice to have someone know you that well, it's what I've always wanted and never had. It can be frustrating too, I'm not used to having it all hang out there but I'm getting used to it. I guess that sums up my view of our relationship, I'm finally getting what I've always wanted and never had and it takes some adjustment and personal acceptance. Past relationship demons are taking their rest and being left where they belong, in the past.

To be able to give my all with someone who gives their all to me, there's nothing better. I'm in awe of the power of our relationship and now understand what others meant when they talked about their relationship with the same sentiments while I cynically secretly believed they were exaggerating the truth in some way because there's no way they can be THAT happy and content with another human being. They must have problems they aren't talking about. Now I'm part of one of those sickening, wonderful, loving relationships and I thank my lucky stars every day.

I'm ending 2009, happy and contentedly blessed in ways I never would have imagined or dreamed. It's been one helluva year and I can't wait to see what next year holds in store for us!

I'm trying to decide if I'm going to revamp this blog or just let it be as it is. While we still love nature study, we're no longer a homeschooling family, we're no longer Trivium Academy. We'll see.