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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Today's French Lesson

Bonjour! Here's what we learned in our French lesson today...

Let's back track, yesterday we watched the first lesson of Bonjour Les Amis. After we watched it together, I had Camille pause the program and write the written words (the same vocabulary we're learning).
Bonjour les amis.
Voici papa.
Bonjour papa.
Bonjour Moustache.
Voici monsieur Jean Michel et voici Madame Marie Michel.
Voici Caroline.
Et voici Antoine.

While listening to the songs and rhymes on Un, Deux, Trois, we discussed voici and family members. Today we're
focusing on family members titles from Un Peu de Tout. Camille colored family members, we cut them out and she was to match the person up to the noun that described the person. A little english grammar thrown in there for good measure.

The best way I could figure to start teaching/learning the masculine and feminine words la and le was to use family members to drive home the point that la is feminine and le is masculine.

Then Camille was to put the picture of the person with their title and then we practiced saying, Voici la mère. Voici le père. Voici la soeur. etc. Here are the pictures of her work.



my5wolfcubs said...

I had to google "voici" because I thought it had something to with voice...obviously I know no French. The pictures are a great idea. Are you making a book? Hanging them on the wall?

My new motto: Non scholae sed vitae discimus. A Latin quote by Seneca which means: We learn not for school, but for life. Now to live it!


Anonymous said...

What a fun way to learn French or any language for that matter. You make things look so easy (but I know that's the compulsive researcher and planner in you!). The pictures are great and Camille colors beautifully! My cousin is at home finally and on bp medicine and complete bed rest so hopefully she can hang in there a few more weeks. I appreciate your prayers!