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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lightening Up Around Here

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What I've decreased:

Daily Memory Work is out, Camille is memorizing scriptures, math facts, poetry, Veritas Press History cards, grammar rules, french vocabulary and lyrics in music. That is enough, probably more than enough so the books of the Bible is not that important to me at this point. I struggled with this, if I want to do something I will exchange her scripture memorization for it.

Our bible lessons have been simplified. In Explorer's Bible Beginnings II there are multiple choice questions with fill in the blanks that I was photocopying for Camille to fill out after we discussed it. We will discuss the answers and focus on learning to pull answers to questions from a text. In the second half of the year, we'll transition back to using worksheets because she will have workbook programs in writing and grammar.

In math, I'm keeping a watchful eye on the workload. I won't have Camille do the supplement worksheets unless I feel she needs it.

I'm not changing our history and science this week, but I have requested books 3 weeks in advance. It is a good thing to start out with too much, it's easier to scale back than it is to build up. I've done a lot of scaling back this year but I'm grateful to do it in the first month rather than continuously through the year. At times it is hard to determine what is behavior or too much work, and the factor about the work could be the approach. Is it being approached in a way that is most effective for the child? Am I approaching our studies in the most effective way?

Sidenote: I forgot to change the dates and week 6 on the schedule shown. We are in our 6th Week, Aug 27-31.



Karen said...

I like simplifying. Good luck this week, and I hope your new schedule goes well. Enjoy.

5atkins said...

I have a cassette with Children's Bible Songs It has on it a song with the books of the Bible in order. There are actually two songs; one for old testament and one for the new. My girls learned it just listening to those at bedtime!
Have a blessed week! In Him, Eva

Lostcheerio said...

Memorizing the books of the Bible is so much easier with a song! I learned two different songs for the old and new testaments... Another thing I did, in our Sunday School, was to make a tape "tracks" on the floor, like a railroad tracks with each tie a different book of the bible. This led to many games, songs, challenges, etc. and each kid got to put their marker on the tie that marked the farthest they could get in their memorization.

Of course, you don't want to put tape all over your kitchen floor! :) :) :) But it could work as a board game on a big piece of foam board or something.

Denise said...


I just wanted to say "hi." I read your blog regularly, but have never commented.

I also have a 2nd grader, only mine is a boy, and I struggle with that same balance - how much work is too much, and is the bad attitude from too much work or just plain bad behavior? So... you are not alone!

Mrs. "M" said...

We haven't officially started yet. Next week but we are edging our way back into a chore routine and a few habits. Because we are having a baby this year...I am doing only the basics of Math, History, Science, L.A. plus piano and PE class. I think I might be doing too little. Only time will tell. I appreciate how you are so willing to keep evaluating to do whats best for Camille :o)

Riverfront Headmistress said...

This looks great! I love the color of the schedule. Do you print this out each week? If so, does it fit on your paper without resizing?