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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm Ready for Second Grade!

Psst. Let me tell you a secret, the t-shirt with the house on it? There's 3 of them that will be delivered by Friday! On Monday, I'm going to give Camille her shirt when I tell her to get dressed. I can't wait! She thinks we aren't able to get the shirts yet, so it'll be a wonderful surprise for her.

I have her weekly folder set up, all ready to go. I have my weekly schedule ready. I'm ready!!!
Our Phase into 2nd grade plan is ready and being implemented. Operation 2nd Grade is a GO!

Monday's folder contents: House Rules/Scriptures, Nobility Record (update: laminated), Reading Log, Bible work, Math

lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi
She'll have no choice but to learn the french words of the week!
Update: I added an Everyday folder to hold our Weather Journal and Reading Log.

What I have to do each week to be ready:
c Create/print weekly lesson plan (excel)
c Print Nobility Record for the week I laminated it!
c Copy 5 lessons from Jesus, My Shepherd
c Pull Weekly Reading Log from Language Arts binder
c Fill daily folders
c Pre-read history and supplement books
c Find poetry to fit our studies
c Prepare materials for projects
c Pray, because no matter how well prepared I am, if God isn't involved, it's just not worth doing.

I'm ready, I'm ready! Exhale!

UPDATE 2/2008: This system has worked wonderfully for us, eliminating huge notebooks on a daily basis has kept both Camille and I on task and focused. I am considering making Quarterly bound notebooks but my only concern is that if it is bound already, we won't be able to add any rabbit trails.



cajun.classical said...


Everything looks great. I'm just wondering if you intend for your French days of the week to be out of order: Tuesday,Wednesday, Monday, Friday, Thursday. I apologize if this is intentional.

Trivium Academy said...

Yes! It is intentional! Lol, not really. Thank you Angelina, I didn't double check myself after I made the tabs I just inserted them and voilá they are wrong.

: ) Jessica

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post, but I too am trying to do something like this next year and am so excited to hear that it works well for you. I have 7 children, 6 of which I am schooling. I hate all of the notebooks all over the place all the time. I thought if I could just hand them a one notebook for the week and then collect it at the end of the week it would keep things so much neater around the house and I would be able to function a whole lot better. I was going put divide them up by subjects, but after reading your post I am re-thinking that. Dividing up by days might be a better way to go. I'll have to think on that. I'd love to hear any other things you've done with this notebook idea. We are starting TOG for the first time in the fall. I was even going to put their TOG assignments in there. Do you do that or do you have a separate TOG notebook? What about writing? Do you have a separate writing notebook? I REALLY wanted to have everything in one place. Maybe that just won't work?
If you have any wisdom for me I'd love to hear it :)
My email is