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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Long Day/Week

We started our lessons at 7:30 am, it's 7:45 pm and we're still doing them. Camille is finishing up her history work, which was fun but who wants to do school all day? Apparently, she does. She has not left our learning room with a few exceptions: lunch, for a drink, bathroom, dinner. I don't think I should have to keep on her to do her work, she knows better. What is funny is that we talked about monks today and how they would work for 8 hours on a book, or even just one page because they were studious (yes she learned what studious means today).

Tomorrow we're going to do two days worth of science to make up what her procrastination (and mine in addressing the problem) has done to our schedule. Her dad and I agree, she has plenty of time to do the work and the only one she's hurting is herself. Well, me too since I have to be there, and her brother because he desperately wants to play with his sister. We're taking care of it and I feel so much better. My dh stays pretty much out of disciplining her and I haven't been called her dad (my ex) about it but today he told me that I need to. He's right, I can't be the only bad guy!

The parsonage walk-through went well. I'm switching subjects, I want to share the books we've been reading this week because even though other things have been going wrong, this has been right!

Read Aloud This Week:

Camille read independently:

So I guess this week hasn't been too bad. : ) There's been a LOT of reading!



southerngirlmusings said...

You are a great mom so I am sure that you will properly handle all of the concerns that you have with Camille. We read Air is All Around You today as a part of our creation unit study. Take care!

weinstock4jc said...

Sorry you're having a 'bad' week although 'bad' times can lead to good times. It a blessing that you can deal with this one on one as her teacher. It would really be a bummer if she were in a school somewhere and you didn't find out she'd been goofing off until a few weeks went by.

I'm sure we may have a little difficulty here as well. I have a second grader. This year I will officially add my 5 y/o to the mix. I'm hoping though to only start out with bible and one other subject per day. When we get the groove going well, we'll keep adding in more subjects.

I don't recall doing very much in public school during the first week. Not that I want to copy my public school experience. I just don't want to get frustrated with myself and with them. I'll see what happens.

I know that the Lord will help you thru this.
God bless you...

Maria said...

I get so much more out of your experiences when the good is lumped with the bad. We are taught not to complain, but to share honestly what is imperfect in our lives can help others with their own struggles.

Thank you for sharing so much. I don't have time, but one day I may be called.

Karen said...

"her brother because he desperately wants to play with his sister"

If they are both having behavior "issues" related to the amount of time spent schooling, perhaps you are spending too much time schooling and not enough time building relationships and playing. Kids learn tons just by being kids and having experiiences. They will never again be this young.

I know that you are very careful about how you spend your time and that you are working very hard at your homeschooling, but the kids are still very young. One of the best benefits of homeschooling is that siblings can spend real time together and have time to form a solid relationship. My dd6 loves to "teach" her 2yo sister. I count the time they are together as quality school time even if we get behind on my plans. Just something to consider....