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Monday, May 7, 2007

Fire Safety and other Safety Lessons

I forgot to put in our manners and safety lessons (or discussions) into my little teacher's plan in a few posts below. These are important, especially safety issues. We have The Safe Side DVD and the kids love it! I highly recommend this DVD to EVERY household with children, there are forms to print on the DVD to use with your children.

Fire Safety

1. Check your local library for books like Stop Drop and Roll by Margery Cuyler to read to your children and discuss your own plan of action.

2. The U.S. Fire Administration website has print-outs to use and online games. Don't forget, if you're a homeschool you can request free materials like

Sesame Street Fire Station: this teachers' activity book and the accompanying cassette of songs and stories helps educators reach preschoolers with simple, memorable fire safety messages. The kit also includes one reproducible coloring book and one wall poster. The kit is only available to preschools, fire departments and individuals who home school young children. Home school requests may be made by calling (301) 447-1189. USFA reserves the right to limit order quantities.
3. Fire Safety for Teachers - Lesson plans, home strategies and even a science lesson!

Stranger Danger & Other Safety Resources

1. The Safe Side video linked above is hard to beat but don't forget to get a free Child Safety ID Kit either from your local police department or from this website.

2. The Polly Kaas Foundation also has Free Child ID Kits as well as other resources at their website. It would be wise to print out their tips for Home Safety, Water Safety, Roller Skating, Fire, Guns, Internet among others.

We keep our children home, let's keep them safe at home! If you have guns in your home, please be sure to teach gun safety and responsibility. Please consider taking CPR training.

You can find free resources by contacting your local police station, fire station and community health centers as well as googling the subject. You don't need a curriculum to keep your children safe.



Debbie said...

Something the girls loved doing was going to the local Fire Station. They would show them pictures of house training fire's. How they hooked up the hose's to the pumps and where the guys/girls would ride in the fire truck. They even had a suit that the kids could try on. We did this once or sometime twice a year. I'm not sure if your local Fire Department does the samething,but it's a great educational experience for the kids.

Fire said...

New fire safety rules affecting all non-domestic premises in England and Wales came into force on 1 October 2006.

A fire risk assessment helps you to identify all the fire risks and hazards in your premises. You can then decide to do something to control them.

Articles Fire Risk Assessments:
1. Fire Types & Fire Extinguishers
2. United Kingdom: Fire Departments
3. New Fire Safety Rules
4. Steps Needed For Fire Risk Assessment
5. Steps Are Needed To Save Lives
6. Fire Safety Engineering
7. Safety Rules: Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessments