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Sunday, February 25, 2007

SOTWs & Church History Schedules

Using The Story of the World Volume 1 and Volume 2, I have created a reading schedules that correlates the History Lives Chronicles (Peril & Peace, Monks & Mystics, Courage & Conviction), The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History and Trial Triumph.

Download the free schedule here. It is also on the right sidebar underneath lesson plans for future use.

The Story of the World series tend to jump around the timeline in order to tell a fluid history but the History Lives Chronicles, The 100 Most Important and Trial and Triumph are strictly chronological and each chapter easily stand on their own which makes them perfect to use with SOTW.

There is a section in the schedule that can be read twice or chosen when to read. It is marked in orange. There are times where SOTW doesn't cover a particular person or time in history so the readings may have nothing to do with what is in SOTW but it is during the same time period. You can use these readings during your history lesson, as occasional supplemental readings, a separate Bible study or just as read-alouds. There is a 4th book in the History Lives Chronicles that will cover the First and Second Great Awakenings (it will be useful for SOTW 3), it will probably be available in late 2007/ early 2008.



Anonymous said...

I really appreciate the work that has gone into this. Your divisions are interesting, too. I like that your outline begins with the beginning of Christianity--it seems like a more natural split than the one in SOTW.

On the other hand, that's a lot for one year. Do you plan to wait until the fall to start all of this, or will you begin the History Lives during 1st?

I think summer sounds like a good time for this. Thanks again!


Trivium Academy said...

I plan on using Peril and Peace as a supplemental reading at the end of SOTW 1, the schedule is based on when you can start implementing the church history books.

I'll use the The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History and Trial and Triumph as I feel we need/want them, although I might just read them on my own. For grammar stage, I would only use SOTW and the History Lives Chronicles, the other books can be used in grammar but it may be well above their head and pre-reading is suggested.

In logic stage, I plan on using the History Lives Chronicles as independent reading because I think we'll be using the Guerber histories which have Christian content, I just don't know how thorough it is for this time period.

We're going to use this reading schedule as our history schedule for the end of first grade and second grade. If the 4th book becomes available before we start third grade, we'll use that one too.

I added Trial and Triumph in because I have the book and I've entertained the idea of using by Ambleside's suggestions so I have scheduled too but really it's for convenience.

: ) Jessica

cinnamon said...

Thank you for the excellent lists! We are using MOH this time around (5th grade, and 3rd), working SOTW in where it fits. I also own P&P, M&M, and T&T (LOL) so your lists will be very helpful. :)

Newbold Family said...

Thank you much. I just figured out how much SOTW does skip concerning Christian History. We are covering the Great Awakening right now and there is nothing there! I was very disappointed. Nothing in Kingfisher Hist. Ency. either.

LMK said...

I have not been able to downlosd the lesson plans for SOTW and the church history series. Is this still a "good" file/link? Thanks you.

Michellyn said...

I also could not download the SOTW/church history lesson plan. I'd love to get this, if it's still possible.

Angela said...

I am interested in the schedule as well.


Jennifer said...

Sadly, the link does not appear to be working anymore. Any chance that it is easy to email a pdf or document? What a fantastic resource!

Jenn said...

A link from Paula's archives brought me here for a schedule, but the file isn't downloading for me, either. Is one still available?