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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Read This Veteran Homeschooler!

Barb of Harmony Fine Arts and is sharing a few articles she wrote for a homeschooling group years ago as she is clearing out her files. These are DO NOT MISS, especially for new homeschoolers and those seeking answers in their homeschooling journey. Here are links to the first three posts, but I would visit her daily to keep reading new posts. Please pray for Barb as well, as she is unable to speak due to a bad case of asthma and laryngitis so please include her in your prayers for healing today.

Homeschooling Without Feeling Overwhelmed Part One

Homeschooling Without Feeling Overwhelmed Part Two

Homeschooling Without Feeling Overwhelmed Part Three

I pray that this will bless others as it blesses me. Barb is a very beautiful person and I am blessed to know her.



Barb said...

Thanks Jessica...your words mean a lot to me. I hope that my experiences can benefit others since I feel such an obligation lately to help other homeschoolers. My homeschooling days are ticking down fast and I can see the finish line in sight but I know that now more than ever, homeschooling can be an overwhelming prospect for so many moms. The choices are so numerous and the paths so diverse.

I wish you well in your homeschooling year. Thanks for adding my HFA free gift button to your sidebar....hopefully it will help other moms with their art and music appreciation.

Sending good thoughts back to you,
Barb-my voice is a little better today....

my5wolfcubs said...

Jessica, did you see my salt shaker? :) Barb has very inspirational to me and I read through those articles last night and have done a lot of thinking today...