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Monday, September 17, 2007

Week 8 Report

We spent the week at my parents' so we did the basics just so we could be done and enjoy our visit. The slideshow above is our history art project for the week, making snakes from the Sinbad story, The Valley of the Snakes. Reason #32564 to love homeschooling, the snakes served dual purpose this week- for history AND science. We took our snakes to show how heat makes air rise, as in the atmosphere. We also did a cloud project, creating our own cloud poster to show the different clouds.

Quick Rundown of what we did:
Bible- Lesson 8 (Days 1-5)
Music- Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
French- ABC's, 0-20, colors- played Lingua Fun French card games
Grammar- Pronouns, Verbs
Spelling- Lesson 6 (lesson 1-5 review)
Math - Horizons 2 Lessons 25-28
History - SOTW 2 Chapter 6
Science- Seasons and Weather (two weeks combined)

It is not easy being away from your own environment and accomplishing the same amount of work- I'm happy with what we accomplished and we read books at bedtime for at least 45 minutes. We did review our memory work and did very well with French with Children and the Intelli-Tunes Skip Counting song for 4's. Now to post about the goodies we found...



Tina said...

Great pictures! I love the cloud poster!

I need to remember to take pictures during the week too.


Diane said...

Very productive week.
Loved your weekly report, I really need to be better at taking pictures for my weekly reports.

HOpe you have a great week again.

alycia in Va. said...

I really like the cloud activity, very creative and manageable. Alex and I were up looking at the sky this morning and naming everything they reminded us of: marshmellows, cotton, cotton candy, etc.
Looks like you guys are very productive!

my5wolfcubs said...

You did a lot for being "out of town!" I'm glad you're back!!
We still have our cloud poster from when we studied the the weather -- it is just too cool to throw away. :)
PS My favorite nickname for clouds is sky muffin!