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Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Day of Fun

Nobody else cared but I thought these 'glitter' fish were cool.


Old Candy Car- two reasons for the kids to like it.

1912 Automobile, Danny says, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, we love you."

A mother's view, the kids loved the turtles and alligators.

I don't know who was moving more, the train or Danny. Model Train exhibit

"Do we really drink dinosaur urine?" - Winner of the Question of the Day Award


Huge illuminated globe showing the average rainfall- how cool is that?

Camille and I tied at the Weather Game.

"Danny, look a rattlesnake!" said Camille. "If you see one of those run!" said Mom. "Run? Danny has to run!" Danny said and then immediately got up and started running. Winner of the Literal Moment of the Day Award

Aren't they beautiful? I could have watched them longer but Danny and Camille saw this sleeping eel intertwined.

I suspected the eel was dead because he (or she) is sleeping upside down. I didn't want to tell the kids, I just found someone who worked there and found out it wasn't dead. We did check on it again before we left.

Camille and a rattlesnake, oh fun. Taking a picture through scratched plexiglass is no fun either- this is photo 6.

Yes, I'm too tired to put the pictures in the correct order.



LisaWA said...

Looks like you had a grea time jess! I bet it was good to get out of the house and do something fun like that!

This blogging thing is too cool.....


my5wolfcubs said...

What a great time! Chitty Chitty Bang Bang -- fun movie! :)

My 2 favorite pictures are the back of the head one because of the caption, yep: A mother's view! And the weather globe, yep: AZ doesn't even registar for rainfall!

Hope you have a peaceful Sunday!

Katherine said...


What a wonderful day! My favorite is the car! "Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang, we love you!" How cute is that? Have a great week!

5atkins said...

Loved the pics! Thanks for posting them! Even with plexyglass that is too close to a poisonous snake for me! It would have taken me six tries at least because I would have been closing my eyes! :)

I love the big train! One time we were at a park when visiting back home when the train came through. 206 cars we counted! It was fun!

Glad to see you all having a good time! Praying! In Him, Eva

Under the Sky said...

What a neat post! I love field trips. We don't take that many, but I still love it when we do. The memories are wonderful along with the learning.

Your children are getting to big!

Oh, I love love love the top bar of your blog. So beautiful!