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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Week 7: The Books

We haven't done music the way I've wanted to, we've listened to Vivaldi's "Spring" of the Four Seasons for three weeks now. It is time to read about him and move on. Bach, Beethoven and the Boys will be delightful reading (with a little edit).

We're on Chapter 6 of SOTW 2: The Rise of Islam.
We'll read about Islam in One World, Many Religions and look at pictures of a Mecca in Places to Know.
Take a virtual tour of the Suleymaniye Mosque with 360 degree views and narration.

Our French word wall, last week we "reviewed" (we already knew them) numbers 1-10.
In Friday's French culture we'll learn about french schools and read Sleeping Beauty in the Wood.
Last week we read Puss in Boots from Favorite Fairy Tales from Around the World.

I am loving science this year! For September in the weather journal Camille will be documenting what type of clouds are in the sky and it lined up perfectly for our study of the weather in our Earth Science studies. I forgot to include "The Geography Book" by Caroline Arnold which is our geography portion of our earth science studies. BUT, we will be reading about the Water Cycle and making (maybe?) a rain gauge from The Geography Book. The books pictured are prime examples of EXCELLENT children's books for science. The Man Who Named the Clouds is wonderful and thorough, The Snowflake is about the water cycle and The Cloud Book, if you couldn't guess - is about the clouds.

Not pictured:
Because of Winn-Dixie, Camille's independent reading selection
Storytime with the Millers, daily read aloud
A few books from the library about Islam that may or may not be available in time.
The 15 books I will be reading to Danny this week.



AmyV said...

Those books look great. I haven't seen them before.

I think it's amazing how much more the kids pick up from a book that appears to be for entertainment as compared to a textbook. This is one reason why TOG appealed to me so much. It's as if they don't realize they are studying.

Enjoy your Sunday,

Cathy said...

There are lots of movies with classical music in them. Here is one website:

Vivaldi's Spring is in Flubber - that might be something she can watch and identify the music.

Probably the most famous cartoon with TONS of classical music is Fantasia.

Tina in WA said...

What fun you and your children will have!

You have some wonderful books listed. I will have to check out "The Man Who Named the Clouds".


my5wolfcubs said...

I love Tomie de Paola's The Cloud Book! I remember reading it as a girl. I bought it when we studied weather. :)

Love the word wall! Must make one for Latin!

Music -- please share how it goes! Series lack of music in this house...

I like how you're putting what you plan to do up!


LH said...

Came over from TWTM
I'll give the weekly report a try.
What exactly is a weekly report?

LisaWA said...

Another week ahead.... I always enjoy the books selections you lay out...

You are so well organized.... I can only aspire! Honest.....


Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Jess, love the weekly report idea. You are so stinkin' creative, and you really know how to rally people together. It's a gift.

Your week looks great! Lookin' forward to the report (and a little fearful of my own with the changes we've made!)


Anna said...

I love those Miller books! I'm checking out those Nature Readers you recommended too. Looks good!