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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Our Week Off

Our ongoing book purge, we pulled the books and organized them by subject. Our LibraryThing online library needs some TLC, there are books cataloged that we no longer have and some we have that are not listed. I'm also purging books I don't feel we need which will be listed at for the taking. It's a project that doesn't require much thought, which I needed this week.

I have taken the week off, which included reading to the kids- Camille has been reading to Danny all week. I usually read anywhere from an hour to two hours daily to the kids, it's nice to take a break. This is our first week off since starting 2nd grade and technically we're in our 9th week.

DH is still at his parents' and MIL is about the same- she's home from hospice though. We miss DH. It's going to be wierd going to church without him there. Today (Sat.) we're going to a museum to look at exhibits about the water cycle, which will get us out of the house. We did have a playdate yesterday which was fun. We will start our Week 9 on Monday and Camille is ready to get back to our lessons.

Our church has started up youth again and Camille's age group is memorizing the books of the Bible as well as songs to sing for the church. Camille is excited and already has the first 10 books memorized.

It's been an emotional week here and I'm not one to talk about it much. Any and all prayers have been greatly appreciated.



LisaWA said...

Jessica! Wow! Look at all those books! I love it! I’m going to have to check out book mooch... I still have not...

Great practice for Camille....reading to brother. Good times together too.

Hope hubby comes home today! Please know I am praying for you sister!

Glad you are getting out today... it will be a good distraction....


my5wolfcubs said...

I started LibraryThing -- put in the first 5 or so books I could see and forgot about it! I love seeing all your piles of books...warms my heart!

And kids reading to each other, love love love it! Sometimes if I'm grouchy and tell the boys to GO someplace else (say, instead of in the kitchen while I'm cooking & talking to dh on his way home from work) 7yo will take the 5 & 2yo out to the couch and read to them. It is SO sweet. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I would like to join the weekly homeschool reporters! I just put up my first post.



Under the Sky said...

Well you know I am going to be checking out your BM page! :+)

I am sorry your dh is dealing with such a sad and stressful thing. May God be with you all - in your own places.

Hugs to you!