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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quick Thoughts on Elementary Math

Doing the math fact copywork is a major way of relaxing about math facts, it's getting done but it's not a pressure situation. I realized that I need to learn more about teaching math moreso than just blindly following a curriculum. It's not that I don't like or trust Horizons but how can you teach the whys if you don't know them yourself. The answer, "it is just the way I was taught or how I learned" isn't good enough for me.

Second grade isn't that hard to teach, it is the years beyond where my non-math mind will fail. Plus it is always good to have reference resources at hand for any subject you teach, in my opinion. I have oodles of books on foreign language, french, grammar, writing, reading, art and music but math almost has a non-existent presence in our home as far as teaching reference resources.

I'll post more about this as I learn more- about what titles are good resources and about any gems I find. Can I just say upper elementary and middle school math scares the dickens out of me? Lol.


1 comment:

Barbara said...

Good point, Jessica. For learning to think more deeply about teaching math I've heard good things about the book by, um, Ling-pi Ma?? something like that, who is or was connected with Singapore math. I'm sure I'll be completely embarrassed when I am corrected on her name -- that's what I get for not researching before making my comment, lol.

I am always inspired by exploring the math resources recommended at Great, great place to start when looking for books related to math learning and teaching and exploration.

Good luck!