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Saturday, September 1, 2007

It's Saturday morning

It's Saturday morning and I'm sitting here procrastinating. Well, not really because I am getting some things done. I have visited the homeschooling message boards that I frequent, I have visited my virtual friends' blogs, updated our schedule at google docs, requested books from our library system, and I'm listening to Tom Petty.

I don't play "my" music anymore, it's classical, french or toddler tunes around here and I should have some "jam time" don't you think? I'm claiming Saturdays and that is final. On Saturday I will play my music and refresh! Of course, I have to censor the music selections which really isn't too hard given what I listen to. I should probably explain a little- I don't like the kids to hear anything regarding s£x, drugs or curse words and since I like rock- this sometimes is a part of the songs. Eric Clapton's Cocaine is not a song that is played around the kids, neither is You Don't Know How I Feel by Tom Petty. He mentions rolling a joint. Van Morrison should have been on my list yesterday of ultimate concert performers.

Today I have a list of things to do:
-laundry (I'm behind) √
-watch remodeling TV on TLC (will do during laundry) √
-grocery list for September (go through the house and figure out what we need)
-play/read with Danny (Camille is at her dad's) √√√
-find a book to read for myself from our bookshelves
-bake something, maybe cookies Dh bought oreos, lol.

Things to do for homeschooling to be done before Monday:
-read SOTW2, Chapter 6 and the supplement books I have on hand √
-read through our science lesson and prepare our experiment
-file this past week's work and refill Camille's daily folder with next week's work √
-create weekly lesson spreadsheet √
-change our routine again (music isn't getting done so we're putting it at the beginning of our day)
-order library books (3 weeks ahead of time) √
-create spelling flashcards with definitions on back (a new change)
-update our french word wall √
-make sure we have all the CD/DVD/VHS items we'll use this coming week in one spot √

Okay, here's the updated routine since I don't want to write another post

  • Bible 20 min
  • Music (Themes to Remember) 15 min
  • Grammar/Spelling 20 min
  • French 30 min
  • ~ 30 min break/snack ~
  • Math 40 min
  • ~ 10 min break ~
  • History or Science 1 hour
  • Piano practice/book work
  • Lunch

Independent reading happens at least 1x daily, lately it's been 3x daily, before lessons, after lessons and at bedtime. I also read-aloud to both of the kids for about an hour outside of our subjects. There's a LOT of reading happening around here, on average 8-10 books a night are read. Danny gets 3-4 books, Camille gets a library book plus our longer read-aloud plus she reads to me.

Reading time has started at 7:00 pm around here lately, 7:30 the latest and can last until 8:30 pm -9:00 pm. I want it to be 8:30 the latest, so we're working on it, it's hard to squash their enthusiasm! Camille is reading more during the day too on her own. (Yay!)

Have a great Saturday! I have things to tend to...



LisaWA said...

Busy, busy Saturdays! Thats us too....

So what’s the fave TLC remolding show? *Ü* Mine isn’t on TLC... I think....

I like Holmes on homes....


Jennefer said...

Enjoy your weekend and throw on that to do list - eat lots of chocolate!