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Saturday, September 1, 2007

This is MY music- Play it Tom!

I am buying his new cd, Highway Companion- today! I didn't know it was out, my goodness I'm SO OUT OF TOUCH! From my teenage years and now in my 30's this man (and the Heartbreakers) have played music that has soothed my soul, tapped my foot and just plain electrifies me!

My ultimate concert would be:

  • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  • Eric Clapton
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Simon & Garfunkel
  • Sheryl Crow
  • Carly Simon
  • Aretha Franklin
  • Shania Twain
  • and a few others.
All guaranteed to keep the place rocking. I can't wait, oh I hope Tom and the Heartbreakers go on tour- that will be one I won't miss!



Anonymous said...

Ya know...I used to not mind Tom's music, sometimes even enjoyed it, but then...I saw him singing in a music video once and that did it for me. lol ;-)

Hope ya get that concert lady!

Trivium Academy said...

Oh, it's never about the person playing- it's all about the music. I admit, Tom isn't a pretty boy but he sure can sing and write! I outgrew idolizing music/movie stars about 13 years ago when I met Bruce Willis. I sold him a suitcase.

LisaWA said...

Good tunes! We like him... I’m listening now! lol


LaMereAcademy said...

I LOVE Tom Petty!
Always have and always will.

cindy said...

It's true, it's not about the person playing. I LOVE Rod Stewart, and he's not much to look at. Him and Billy Joel are my favorites. I don't admit it alot, but I also like ACDC, Joan Jett, and Pat Benatar :) Just a little on the wild side....those were the days....


Anonymous said...

I've seen Eric Clapton twice and Tom Petty once (he did a homecoming show at the university I attended). Both are GREAT performers!! It would be awesome to see all of those folks together. Well, except maybe Carly Simon. I grew up listening to her because of my mother, but I much prefer her ex, James Taylor.

Katrina said...

I agree, Tom Petty rocks!