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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Our 2007-08 Learning Room

Welcome to our Learning Room!

Our learning room is actually our formal living room and because we live in a parsonage, I have work around the parsonage's furniture and other various guidelines for living in a parsonage. This room would look very different if it were our house. I use the flipchart for our longer memorization pieces, right now it's on The Apostles Creed.

NEW PHOTO as of 9/30/07 - (ALL the new stuff is in this color)
The side chairs are gone, Danny's table is now the math table and the raw silk heavy drapes have been removed to allow natural light into the room. I squeezed the side chairs into the formal dining room, pictured at the end of the room. Next picture is new too, different angle.

Sideview of the learning room, Danny wanted to get in the picture. Camille, 7 and Danny, 3 have their own little tables. It is just easier to separate their work space. What am I saying, Camille's work space from Danny's play space.
The rug underneath is to make the room fun and catch any spills without damage to the carpet.

NEW PHOTO as of 9/30/07
We've been studying water so I put a water/river map I found over our US Map.

Two folding bookcases that are in the formal dining room, the green area is CD/DVDs that will be put into binders for storage, and will take up significantly less space than they currently do. Our french reading books will be transferred to here, they are currently in Camille's bedroom. UPDATE 9/30/07: These have been moved, Camille's piano is now here.

The other sideview of our room.

NEW PHOTO as of 9/30/07 of side views of the room. Next 2 pictures

My new home for our computer, I LOVE it! I can print stuff without leaving the room, watch United Streaming, etc.
The desk area is the same

This is the view from our couch, which mostly Camille's view. I never sit at that desk, it's just a place to put our books while I teach and it looks weird without the chair there. The chair also provides buffer from Danny getting into the drawer filled with supplies. In between the desk and bookcase is a 3 drawer cart that contains magnetic letters & numbers and art supplies.

I love our maps, these markings are from our Ancient studies- I circle where we are studying right after reading our history selection.

This is our main storage area for our daily stuff. This is right below the dry erase board. I keep a bin just for library books so that we don't misplace any. The bottom shelf is still under construction, I just received Tapestry of Grace that needs to be transferred into notebooks.

Here's the breakdown of our large bookcase.

I have created a LOT of storage in this room, under each side table is a basket - one for me and the other is for magazines to be cut up as we wish. Under the chair pictured is sheet protectors and empty notebooks. Behind this chair is our nature study backpacks and various other things I don't want stuffed into a closet.

I didn't take a close-up picture but behind the other chair is another little bookcase that houses our additional poetry books, preschool workbooks, and a 3 drawer cart that houses math manipulatives, science manipulatives and more art supplies.


NEW: French word wall, tv, plant, no drapes, better organization.
Math area
A little reorganization, took the stuff out that we weren't using to make room for games,
activities, art supplies- you know- things we'll use.


The next two pictures is our learning room in July 2006, when we first started. Can you tell I have a year's worth of experience under my belt? It's changed so much!

That's it, our 2007-08 Learning Room. I hope you enjoyed the tour!



Podcastin' Cyndi said...

Your blog is such a blessing for the homeschooling community. You really have such a wealth of helpful info, and I know it's taken a long time to post is.

Love your room - very inviting and rich. And what a cute little blondie in the pic!

You seem like the kind of gal who would want to know that you have a typo: "weird" instead of "wierd", right?

Thanks again for being a blessing - can your hubbie become a pastor in Oklahoma, do you think?

Podcastin' Cyndi said...

I just learned from another WTM post that this was your first year of homeschooling? Man, do you ever know how to throw yourself into a project! I can't believe all you were able to do in one year. You're really something special. And best of all? I know that you're doing it all to reflect God's glory.

Anonymous said...

Great room? If if was your home what would you change? I'm in the process of revamping our learning room at our house. I need suggestions!


Amber said...

Nice to see a familiar face. I enjoyed your tour and I think we share the same dream as far as how we wish our house looked. I hope you enjoy your upcoming year of homeschooling!

God Bless,

Anna said...

Now, this looks like a learning room I can relate to!

Rosie said...

WOW, it looks like you have been hard at work. You are an inspiration.

LisaWA said...

That is a huge difference! It looked greatthen and even better now! I love it Jess!

Great use of your space! It looks cozy too....


diane said...

Your learning room is fantastic. LOVE it.

nestof3 said...


I would have loved to have had a room like this growing up! Great job. It looks like so much fun, and the organization is great. You are such an organized lady! Thanks for inspiring us.