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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Week 7 Report

It is our 7th week of homeschooling 2nd grade and it's been a doozy! Monday was a federal holiday and Camille was with her dad and the day was spent picking her up. Tuesday morning I woke up sick with an upper respiratory infection, Danny had a cold and Camille was fine. I didn't start feeling better until yesterday, Friday so school was at a minimum all week. Camille is now sick with a cold. Fun, fun, fun. It has been snot-ville here this week! Lol.

Today (Saturday) we are doing history and science only. We're in Chapter 6 of SOTW 2 and in Lesson 4 of our Earth Science/Astronomy lessons. I'm not posting pictures this week due to the fact we're leaving Tuesday morning for my parents' house and I have a lot of catching up to do in our housework and getting ready to be gone for a week. Not to mention this past Thursday we went grocery shopping for the month instead of doing school. This week I abandoned Bible and grammar for the most part.

I had Camille do her math work each day, read to me and independently, we did a little french but will repeat the lesson next week, we finished with Vivaldi* and her weather journal suffered inconsistency this week. There was a lot neglected this week but we're still on track with our lessons for the year. I checked our Year At a Glance to see what damage has been done to our time and it is minor.

*In our music lessons, I decided to forgo any notebooking at this time. We are just listening to the song everyday, singing the lyrics, reading the Themes to Remember information about the composer and reading the other books we have on hand about the composers.

In our Earth Science/Geography lesson today, we will read from our spines, make a rain gauge from The Geography Book, read our supplement books: The Snowflake: A Water Cycle Story by Neil Waldman, The Man Who Named the Clouds by Julie Hannah, and The Cloud Book by Tomie de Paola. We will do the interactive activities at the Usborne quicklinks site and watch "Magic School Bus Makes a Rainbow" and "Junior Oceanographer: Oceans, Weather and Climate" at United Streaming. I may skip the vocabulary this week.

A note about our library's interlibrary loan system: It is being overworked right now, the individuals libraries are having difficulty keeping up with all the new patrons who have discovered interlibrary loan. I talked to our head librarian and explained that 10 weeks is just too long to be waiting for a book that has 34 copies within 272 libraries across the state. We're in our 7th week and there are books I requested a month before we even started that have not come in! She asked me to put it in their suggestion box so that she can report the complaint, "they are working on it" she said. So, if you're part of the Georgia Pines library system, please stick a note in the suggestion box next time you're at the library- who knows, maybe it will help motivate some changes in the library system. Last year I checked out over 400 books through the interlibrary loan system, books on homeschooling, education, parenting, reading books for science, history, math, and anything else we needed. The system is worse this year. I have decided to limit the amount of books I request this year as much as possible, maybe it will help.

We have a busy weekend, so I'll end here. I'm working on our plans for french, French for Children by Bruzzone is wonderful and worth getting if you have a child just starting out in french. I've cut a sheet protector so that I can slide it over the page for Camille to write on instead of photocopying the page or allowing her to write in the book. We have other activities for her to do to document her learning- I'll share more about all of this when I get back from my parents'. I have a few others things in the works, like teaching Camile about time management and about sibling rivalry. Reading Storytime with the Millers has been great!

The Home School Enrichment (magazine) Sept/Oct 2007 issue is wonderful if you have an opportunity to pick it up.



LH said...

Sounds great.
I tried a weekly report.
I'm learning my son works rather independently and.... sigh... I was too lazy to get up and get our daily log book to see what he did at first. Then I did get the log book and realized that I hadn't really filled it in for a few days.
My middle-aged memory is failing me, but I gave the Weekly Report an effort :-)

Mrs. "M" said...

Being sick is not fun. I wanted to stop by and let you know we are enjoying our Earth Sceince too. You sent me your lesson plans. We tweaked them slightly and are having a lot of fun. We did our first lesson this week. We made an Edible Earth with all the layers and ate it....I love the life of a homeschooler. I look foward to the next lesson! Thanks again for sharing!

5atkins said...

Praying for you all to feel well in time for your trip!

Isn't it great to know that you can just pick up with the lessons when you all feel well. I used to feel so badly for the children that missed two or three school days. Those lessons they missed can never really be made up with the same quality!

Isn't Vivaldi wonderful! I think he is my favorite composer with Bach running a close second! The girls have really enjoyed listening to the CD at night! I am hoping by next month we can get Themes to Remember!

I don't have you on my friends link because I am technologically ignorant, but I wanted you to know that I am nominating you for the Nice Matters Award that was passed on to me. I think you are extremely generous and kind with your comments and support of others not too mention the gifts you have given many (Mamma Designs). Just wanted you to know!

Thinking of you! In Him, Eva

Cathy said...

Hope you are feeling better day by day. I have been using ILL for quite sometime - Ididn't know it had been "discovered" - however, I DO know I have been waiting for some time on some books. Good to know this.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope your all feeling better? My ILL is very slow right now too...last year it was quicker. ;)