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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Today I Wanted To Ship...

...My Kids Somewhere!

I'm the MEAN Mom, I found a bracelet of Camille's under my bed and I told her I was throwing it away. It made her cry and she presented me with this picture to express herself. We discussed, or I should say I told her ...that if she can't take care of her belongings, they don't belong to her anymore.

Danny, getting dirtier by the minute AFTER I've told him to come inside. What a FUN day!
We quit school right after 11:30 am this morning and not because we were done.



ThoughtfulMom said...

Your Danny looks like my #2 did when he came in this afternoon. He went staight to the tub. :)

I'm sorry your day didn't go as you'd hoped.

5atkins said...

Praying for you Sister! Boy have I had those days. Unfortunately I am pretty stubborn so I probably continued when I should have stopped at 11:30! :)

When my girls leave their belongings out of place, I put it in a holding box. They cannot have it until the next time our ladies group holds a yard sale. Then they have to earn it with chores or use saved money to buy it! Just a thought. This has made mine be more careful because they don't resent me for throwing it away completely. But they realize that they really miss certain items and do better taking care of it. Maybe that will help for next time!

Praying Wednesday goes better! Phillipians 4:13-14

In Him, Eva

Carol G said...

I hope you are having a better day today. I understand about the way kids get dirty. It is amazing!