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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

2nd Grade Preparations

2nd Grade Preparation

1. SOTW Volume 2
a. Compare SOTW chapters to the Church History reading schedule I've already prepared and correct any mistakes. DONE!
b. Compile a reading list for each week, checking against other book lists and what is available through our library. DONE!
c. Transfer complete reading list into library system. (We can do this in Georgia.) don't need to do...
d. Pick a project for every two weeks and compile supply shopping list if necessary. DONE!
e. Print out the History Scribe pages we'll be using and combine them with SOTW's student pages. DONE!
f. See about field trips. not many for this time period

2. French
We're using Bonjour Les Amis videos and taking the vocabulary from that, then we'll move on to another product.

3. Earth Science
a. Using Hands-On Earth Science and other spines, create a lesson schedule. DONE!
b. Create a supplemental reading list and transfer onto library system. DONE!
c. Create supply list. Will do the week of study as a part of weekly planning.
d. Field trips. Dd going to Dinosaur Park in Kentucky this summer, we'll visit a science museum and planetarium as well. News station field trip to interview meteorologist, and other real-life scientists we are studying.

4. Poetry via The Harp and Laurel Wreath & Poems for Memorization (by Rod & Staff)
a. Copy/type out poems to be memorized for the year, include French nursery rhymes and short poems. DONE!

5. Explorer's Bible Study
a. Type out scriptures to be memorized for the year. DONE!
b. Also have put scriptures in French underneath the English version.

6. Horizons 2
a. Read about manipulatives needed, collect and store in one place. Not doing.

7. Music
a. Get familiar with products selected and create a lesson schedule. DONE!
b. Create supplemental reading list for each composer/piece, put in music notebook. Not doing.
c. Create Music notebook copying composer pictures from the coloring book.

8. Artistic Pursuits K-3, Book 1 & 2
a. Incorporate into SOTW 2 history lessons. will post with history lesson plans later, DONE!

9. Classically Cursive
a. Get familiar with product. DONE, already in use!

10. U.S. Geography
a. Print out state worksheets from Hold that Thought cd, create notebook. Done.
b. Put states into sections by regions. Done.
c. Collected reference books so that we are not dependent on library for this informal study unless we WANT to.

11. Memorization
a. Figure out what to memorize for the year other than scripture and poetry. DONE!
b. Create Master Memorization notebook including: Scripture, French, History, Math, Science - Done.

12. Copywork in History and Science done for the year.

We're also doing a month long study of dinosaurs in-between our first and second grade year. Camille is really excited about this, she keeps asking when we're going to do it. What a great motivator! I think I've listed everything, if not I'll come back and edit it. : ) Jessica



ThoughtfulMom said...

Wow. You have a long list. My planning is similar, but not posted on my blog. Guess I'd should do that - it would motivate me, if nothing else. I've been looking at catalogs and discovered that no package is perfect for what we need for next year.

I wanted to tell you that Live and Learn Press has a really nifty lapbook on dinosaurs that you might want to check out. We did part of it with our dinosaur unit,a nd I'll be revisiting it later to do the whole thing. :)

Sleep-Deprived said...

I've meant to comment before, but just thought I'd let you know what an encouragement it is to read your posts. I'm just gearing up to start homeschooling (when I say "start" I guess I mean formally) my 4 1/2 year-old son. At first glance your to-dos etc could be overwhelming, but I really appreciate how you compare your confidence now with when you began. Thanks for sharing your thoughts out loud!

Anonymous said...

How do you Transfer complete reading list into library system? We have the Pines system here. I've never heard that you can do that!

Trivium Academy said...

Sackmom (it's Melissa, isn't it?)

Sign onto to your Pines Account. When you're on the main page of your account, you'll see the option on the bar- My Bookbags. You can put books in these for a variety of reasons. A reading list, keep track of books you've read. I keep mine hidden but I have a bookbag for my want-to reads, one for grammar Ancients, grammar Middle Ages, and one for books we have read.

Hope this helps!

Strawberry Queen said...

I was just wondering how you decided when dd would enter gr.2. I'm assuming that she either has a birthday soon, or that she's just finished her gr.1 content. Thanks for the work you've done listing your resources. It's helpful to peruse what others have found useful.

annett said...

I love your blog and site. It is inspiring to me. Thanks for taking the time to do this. You are helping many people I'm sure. I have a question... what are you going to do for your dinosaur unit study?

thanks. Annett

Trivium Academy said...

Wow woman! Not only are you gorgeous, look at what all you've accomplished! Talk about an inspiration. Please, please tell me when your Fit Moms program is done and ready for the world, I'd like to see it.

Our month of dinosaurs is at

Thank you for stopping by!
Jessica :)

Brenda Marie Hoffman said...

It sounds like you'll be really busy. I love the fact that when children pick out what they want to learn about they're a lot more motivated. That's how I've been deciding what lapbooks to do and it's been working great.