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Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Weekly Report

This week has been interesting. The digital piano has gotten a lot of attention as Camille and I have been looking at the Piano Basics book we bought for beginning our lessons. I need to call the piano teachers in our area, get prices and arrange trial lessons. I don't know why I haven't done this. She's really excited to start piano lessons but not in the way that it seems that it has been hyped up.

I realized this week that I have been probably reading books that are too above her head, we were trying to finish up The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor and Camille had lost all interest. I have persevered in the past and just kept reading to her, just to expose her but I realized this isn't what I want. I want my children to love reading and at least like the books I'm reading to them. So I'm dropping all long chapter books that pertain to history unless Camille asks for them. If we can't read the books during our history time during the day, we're not reading them. I understand now that we should be reading children's literature, picture books and stories that she requests.

I'm still going to read fables, fairy tales and nature stories but other than that there will be no more longer historical fiction books until she can read them on her own and enjoy them. She has asked to read Charlotte's Web next so that is our new read-aloud. It is a chapter book but it's at her request. On a frustrating note this week, Camille has misplaced her Reading-Literature Primer that I had pictured in last week's review. I haven't torn the house apart looking for it yet because our Christian Liberty Nature Readers came in and I've had her read from Book One but I want the primer FOUND! Lol.

Oh, Danny (2yo) emptied a gallon of milk out on the kitchen floor this week. There is now a lock on the refrigerator door whenever I am not in view of the refridgerator. I just have to remember that the lock is on there, I've broken one already. So far in the last two weeks Danny has emptied a canister of flour and a gallon of milk- we're guessing eggs next. : )

We've started reading Egermeier's Bible Storybook alongside our Explorer's Bible Study and I like it better. We'll see how it goes. She also drew a picture for some of her memory verses this week and here's one about God resting. Yes, that is God laying down taking a nap.

Working on The Whole Duty of Children by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Camille is doing very well with adding -ing, -ed, -es, -ed, -er, -est to her words. She's doing a lesson a day in Spelling Workout B. This could become an independent thing she can do on her own and I can quiz the words with her. I'm not sure if I want to do that just yet.

Going very well, I feel as if we've stepped up to the plate with math. We're getting into new territory and it's exciting and interesting to see how Camille will process the new information. We're counting from 100-200, so far so good.

Camille read-aloud from the McGuffey's Eclectic First Reader this week and the Nature Reader book 1. We are still trying to locate our copy of the Reading Literature Primer that she was reading last week. Camille has decided she wants me to read-aloud Charlotte's Web.

Solidifying address information and working on The Days of the Week poem.

We studied the Olympic Games this week and had a version of our own in the backyard. Camille noticed that the men were unclothed in the Olympic Games, I was careful not to choose any books that showed detail but it is noticeable that they don't have any clothes on. She thought this was funny and decided to add it to her narration picture, much to my dismay. I did a poor job of writing down her narration, she talked so fast! I tried to get her to slow down but she lost her train of thought so I did what I could. (Sidenote: if she was in public school, I'd have no idea when or how she was exposed to these types of things, so I think this was pretty mild.)

We studied ants and termites. We read all about them and even a few poems. We're having a lot of fun with our Animal study. Camille tried to draw the three parts of an insect, I think she did a good job- the head, thorax and the abdomen.



LLL Academy Mama said...

Looks like a great week. :)

We have done Charlotte's Web as a read aloud in 1st grade here and the kids have really enjoyed it. So far we've made it through two of the kids. I'm looking forward to reading it again with the 3rd. It is such a GREAT book.

ThoughtfulMom said...

Another busy week at your house!

I love Charlotte's Web - Camille has good taste!

And I'm glad to know that at six she still isn't ready for all chapter books read alouds. That makes me feel much better about #2s inability to listen to anything that doesn't have pictures. He's only 4.5, and I am seeing a very LONG transition to pictureless read alouds in our future - maybe by the time he's seven.

I love the disrobed Olympian picture - isn't it funny how they hang on to the nuttiest details of things?

I have a funny #2 story on my blogger blog tonight. HSB's server seems to be down, and I didn't want to forget his story before I posted it. You'll get a kick out of it, and I'll copy it over later.