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Monday, January 15, 2007

One Month of Dinosaurs

This is what I've collected (over a period of time) for our one-month Dinosaur study. I consider it a unit-study because Dinosaurs is ALL we're going to study for one month during our break in-between first and second grade. I have a coloring book on it's way but for the most part, this is all of it. I don't feel like I need a guide, we'll just read and see what develops. I want to leave this as unscheduled as possible. We might get other books from the library but here's what we have ready to use!

National Geographic's Dinosaurs and Fossils (very cool!)
assemble a dinosaur skeleton • build a pterosaur mobile
cast plaster fossils • play a dinosaur quiz game
create a time spiral • make a geologic time bookmark
The 32-page book guides your experiments and discoveries.

Dino-opoly Game, Danny and the Dinosaur, Fossils Tell of Long Ago by Aliki, The Magic Treehouse: Dinosaurs Before Dark,
Dinosaur Songs (cassette tape), and Dinosaurs Forever by William Wise (poetry)
Really Wild Animals: Dinosaurs and other Creature Features DVD
Travel back to the days of raging raptors and the terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex, when dinosaurs ruled the earth! Plus, see some of the world's creepiest creatures such as spiders, ants, dung beetles, and more. Includes Bonus Program: I Love Dinos as well as Interactive Prehistoric Creature Feature with fun facts, quizzes, sounds clips, and maps.

Pictured: Rand McNally's Dinosaur Fold-Out Book, Golden Look Book- Dinosaurs, Digging Up Dinosaurs by Aliki, The Magic School Bus: In the Time of Dinosaurs, Raptors (Step into Reading), Living Fossils.

Pictured: The Nature Company Discoveries Library: Dinosaurs, Eyewitness Books: Dinosaur, DK Eyewitness: Living Earth and Discovering Dinosaurs Wierd and Wonderful.

Other videos will be watched via United Streaming. Here's some online sites we might explore.'s Interactive Dinosite
Kid's Turn Central - a list of sites to explore
Dinosaur Online Activites
Kaboose Dinosaur Site has a dinosaur shadow box (thanks Rhonda!)

There's plenty to do online, of course. We'll also try to visit a museum that has a dinosaur exhibit.
Camille's excited and she doesn't even know all this!

SIDENOTE: If you're wondering why we're using products that promote the evolution theory, it is because my children will learn that that is exactly what it is. A theory. Just as what Young Earth Creationists, Old Earth Creationists, Progressive Creationist and all the other -ists that have "theories" about how the earth came to be about and the hows & whys we are here. There is only ONE fact and truth for us—God created. Meanwhile, my children will be taught to respect other's opinions but to realize always that we are merely human and God is the only one who knows all. : )



Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica! It looks like you are all set. You might want to head over to Dover Publication's website. They have a dinosaur kit that comes with masks, coloring books and stickers. They also have a lot of other dinosaur stuff. Here's the link:
Have a great day!
Melissa (your bookmooch friend)

Anonymous said...
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Stacy (Aussie in America) said...

Wow Jessica!
You guys are going to know ALL about dinosours!
When are you going to have your month off between 1st and 2nd grade?
I'm not exactly sure what we are doing yet.
Right now we are reading 'What really happened to the dinosours'. It is from Answers in Genesis. It is interesting for me too.
I love how you throw yourself into everything you do. Your kiddies are going to know soooo much :)
On another subject...I am looking into art curriculums for 1st grade. You use Artistic Pursuits don't you?
Have you enjoyed it?
There are so many different choices I am having a hard time deciding.
Hope you have a great day.

karendv said...

Looks like fun!
I'm wondering how you've decided to handle with your daughter the inevitable questions about timelines that have been debated here before.

weinstock4jc said...

This is a great idea! Do you think there is any material like these for predators or big cats? My 7 y/o son loves predators and his is about to complete 1st grade. I'd like to give him one month off and do a unit study as well.
Thanks for sharing!

Just another Karen
wife to one
mom to 3