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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Quoted & Noted

We previewed the Prima Latina DVDs today and Camille was just following what Leigh Lowe was telling her to say, no fuss - no muss. She looked at me with a serious look on her face and said, "Mom, you and Mrs. Lowe can be my teachers. Okay?" Caught a little off guard, I said "Sure." She got upset when Danny made car noises over Mrs. Lowe's instructions. "Danny, I'm trying to speak Latin HERE!!"

Just to trackback a little, Camille and I have had some conversations about taking piano lessons and how she would need to practice everyday. She was all on-board about piano lessons until I told her we were looking for a teacher. Serious look again, "Mom, I don't want anyone to be my teacher other than you. Will you teach me piano?" I wanted to tell her yes but I couldn't- this is one area that I need someone else to be involved, to help her achieve some discipline and possibly a mentor. I told her, "Sweetie, I'll help you with your practice and we'll find a nice teacher for you to learn with. That doesn't sound bad, does it?" Camille paused and thought for a moment, "No, it doesn't sound bad but I won't like her because you're my favorite teacher."

And a mom in Georgia smiles to herself.



Stacy (Aussie in America) said...

How nice! Glad your the favorite :)
My daughter says she will have me and also the lady from the Signing Time DVD's.
Thanks for letting me know about the art stuff. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Isn't it wonderful to know that she can love you best as her Mommy and her teacher!

We didn't get the videos for Prima Latina. I am trying to do it myself, but I may use them for the next levels. I would love to hear your review of them!

Keep smiling! In Him, Eva

Maureen said...

Glad she likes Mrs Lowe too! So you've embarked on your Latin studies, officially? Awesome!