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Thursday, January 25, 2007


I have nothing much to say other than I am grateful and thankful for the blessings God has sent my way recently. I want to get this out so that when the time comes that I want to pull my hair out and I can read this again. : )

1. Discipline has finally found it's balance in our home between guiding, playing and correction. Danny is not the easiest little boy nor is he the hardest but it has been a tumultous experience figuring out what works for him and us.

2. My babies are home with me, I am enjoying homeschooling very much. Yesterday, Camille remarked at how late the school buses were delivering the kids at home (4:00 pm) and how although she likes the bus, she's glad she's at home.

3. Visiting Sonya always rejuvenates me and we were able to visit yesterday for a couple of hours. She made authentic fried rice and it was yummy!

4. I am so grateful to have our 2nd grade curriculum and be able to work on the teacher's end of the preparing whenever I'd like, without having to wait to order something. I'm grateful for the cash gifts we got for Christmas that allowed us to be able to place our order.

5. I'm grateful that I had a great dentist visit and I have no work that needs to be done.

6. I'm thankful to God for our recent struggles because it has made me stop and re-evaluate a lot of different things our lives and how best to move forward in a way that will be honoring and pleasing to Him.

7. I'm grateful for my Dh for working as hard as he does and surprising me every now and then with appreciation for what I do. Including sticking up for me when church members feel it's their duty to criticize me.

8. I am ever so thankful for the online homeschooling community that inspires me, uplifts me, bonks me on the head when I need it and pushes me in the right direction when I keep looking lost. There are so many wonderful homeschoolers out there that share their journeys complete with trials and triumphs.

9. We are blessed to be able to offer our children an education where patriotism, God and prayer play vital roles. We are blessed in that we don't have to rush our children through homework, baths, bedtimes and dinner in order to be in bed by a certain time deemed necessary for early morning rush-to-school.

10. I am grateful that our car that quit working on morning was fine and the mechanics could find nothing wrong with it and furthermore did not charge us for looking at the car. I hope to be grateful soon in finding a new owner for our truck, whose tranmission has gone.

What do you say when you're filled with thanksgiving?
Thank you Lord.


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