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Sunday, January 21, 2007

First Sewing Project

The dresses are the same pattern with the exception of the sleeves but I'm going to attempt the one that is top left. I've got the fabric and everything else I'll need, including muslim to practice with. The lady at the fabric store said it was an ambitious project but when I asked if I should try something simpler to start she said no. Huh?

She made me get a Sewing How-To book, lol. I was frustrated with my new sewing machine because I couldn't find all the accessories that come with it, there's a secret compartment that I had a hard time finding. Lol. I thought that was funny. Here's the sewing maching I got for my birthday last April which only came out of it's box today.

It's a Brother XL3500T that dh said I could buy as my birthday gift, it was on sale. It'll allow me to do quilts on it as well, if I ever get that far. The lady at the fabric store said that sewing is as simple as driving a car. Yeah right. I don't have to run the seat belt through an obstacle course to get it on!



Anonymous said...

I made that one for my 4yo daughter, It wasn't that hard. Best of luck!!

Sharon J.

ThoughtfulMom said...

You can do it! I can't wait to see how it comes out!

Sewing isn't hard - the hardest part is figuring out which piece goes where, and why and how it goes.

My mom taught me this: Read the pattern twice, have it all figured out in your head, and then cut once. And then read through again step by step, pin things together and double check everything BEFORE you sew. Otherwise you'll have an outstanding relationship with your seam-ripper, but not with the art of sewing. (It's just the seamstress version of the builder's motto: Measure twice. Cut once.)

Anonymous said...

"including muslim to practice with."

With the pattern looking like it has a Middle Ages and possibly a Crusader theme, that's almost amusing.

If the Muslim is well versed in sewing, I want one, too!

That's the funniest typo I've seen in a long time.

Trivium Academy said...

Lol, you're right it's supposed to be muslin, but it wasn't a typo at all. I thought it was muslim. Now I can't change it b/c it's been pointed out and I hope it gives others a laugh too.


Judy Aron said...

Sewing Machine? It's a power tool with thread.

I love mine; its a Pfaff. Its made more Halloween and homeschool theatre/play costumes, quilts and clothes then I can recall.
Enjoy.. I for one love to sew.

Anonymous said...

Just follow the instructions. You'll do great!

I didn't even catch the muslim, until someone pointed it out. NumberOne and I have been learning about Islam. Thanks for my morning chuckle.

5atkins said...

I just received a new Singer sewing machine for Christmas. I really want to learn to sew clothes for the girls. So far I have only hemmed a round table cloth and that was a disaster! I helped a friend cut out the pattern for a dress for my daughter she was supposed to sew last year. She is going to try to walk me through it! If I ever get it done, I will show a picture! Oh, I did sew a flannel blanket too. It was square so that went much better! LOL Happy sewing!
In Him, Eva

Anonymous said...

Whoops, sorry, I didn't sign the anonymous "typo" comment last night.

As for sewing, parts of it are difficult and hard work, but totally doable -- especially with a how-to book. Don't be discouraged by mistakes.

And I do have a lovely relationship with my seam ripper.


crystal said...

If you need any help, just let me know! I know you can do it!