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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Froggy Sort of Day

In our life science studies, we're currently studying frogs. We have tadpoles growing and although we received 5 tadpoles in our shipment only two have survived. We also received a snail in our shipment that is doing well. I really hope the remaining two tadpoles survive!

We've taken Monday-Wednesday off because of various reasons. Monday, Camille was at her dad's. Tuesday, our 2nd grade curriculum came in and if you think I was going to homeschool with a box of goodies to look at, you're sadly mistaken. Wednesday, we had an opportunity to visit Sonya, a fellow classical homeschooler with six children. So here we are on Thursday and I had a dentist appointment. I assigned the independent work while I was gone- math, scripture memorization, poetry copywork, spelling, and cursive handwriting. Dh was there if she had questions. I came home and she was done.

So, Thursday is our science day. I decided to spend the remainder of the day on only science. Frogs were the animal of the day- we read from our First Encyclopedia of Animals, DK's Living Earth, Childcraft's All About Animals and then we read poems. We read 5-6 poems from An Arkful of Animals, It's Raining Pigs and Noodles, Childcraft's Poems & Rhymes, and we read fables and stories about frogs. Among these were Clever Frog, The Boys and Frogs, The Frog and the Ox, I tried finding Thumbelina in our collection of stories and didn't find it. I'll try again or check it out from the library. Camille also read from CL's Nature Reader. We have a few more books about frogs, like Ruth Heller's How to Hide A Meadow Frog that we will read tonight before bed.

We read Charlotte's Web last night and Camille asked me to read two chapters! This was a wonderful thing to hear from the girl who hasn't wanted to read aloud for the last two weeks! She even wanted to find out how long the book would take if we read two chapters a night. I told her it would take eleven days, she said "Good. Can we read Wind and the Willows next?"

Hallejuah! (The tadpoles came from, Carolina Biological something or other.)



TheTutor said...

I love when days work-out like that!

BTW, tag, you're it! For a Homeschool Resources Meme. Here's mine.


TheTutor said...

Ack! I forgot to ask... where did you order the tadpoles?