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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

One way to get out of church

Sunday morning as I was trying to get ready for church, Danny went into the learning room and brought one of the chairs up to the counter. I'm sure he was trying to get into the cookie jar that is filled with animal crackers but he found that the flour cannister was more fun. We have two churches that my dh preaches at every Sunday, due to sanity perservation the children and I only attend one each Sunday. Dh was on his way to pick us up to take us to the second church, and Danny was covered in flour, as well as our kitchen. What took him possibly 8 minutes to do took me 2.5 hours to clean up- do you know what flour does as it is moves? It spreads, we even had flour footprints throughout the house.

Dh came home, I had already tried to clean up as much as possible so that the flour wouldn't spread anymore. He looked, he laughed and said he'd see us after church. Now I should have taken MORE photos because these are not truly representative of the mess- there is flour in the cupboards, there is flour all over the sink, the stove (not pictured), all of the cupboards have a layer of flour dust on them. Instead of being angry, I took it in stride. If I were 2, I'd love to make it "snow"!



~JavaMama~ said...

Oh wow!! I can imagine the huge mess that flour would make!!! It is amazing what a 2 year old can get into in such a short amount of time!

JOYfully in Him,

5atkins said...

Okay, you were tremendously merciful! I would have been so furious for having to clean up that mess! I hate to clean! When something like this happens and I am the only one that can clean it up right, the girls know to stay out of the way! Momma is on the warpath! Just go in another room until Mommy is done cleaning and fuming about it! :)
Hope that is the only snow storm you have this year! :)

In Him, Eva

juliapadg said...


Jen said...

I LOVE IT!!! That is funny, funny, funny!
And one good way to get out of church... way to go, Danny! ;)

ThoughtfulMom said...

Oh my. I'm very impressed that you didn't blow your stack at all the work he made you. I lost it with #2 this morning because he pulled everything out of two cabinets while "entertaining the baby," who was not entertained by this. I definately would nave wanted to pack up my kids and send them to the church nursery so that I could clean without help. What adventures you all have!

Trivium Academy said...

Unfortunately we don't have church nursery at either church. If we did, I'd use it and go to both churches. Thankfully we do have children's church-where the children leave after a little sermon for them. It's 20 minutes into the service but at least I can "listen" to the sermon!

: )

theresa said...

LOL ~ I hope you are able to laugh about it because it is really funny. Oh sure maybe not at the moment it happend... but you have to just smile everytime you look at those pictures. What a fun creative time he had. Oh how precious these days are. Enjoy them.

lindafay said...

Hilarious! (now, anyway. probably not then)

have a lovely day,