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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday Oct 29






farmnwife said...

Hi, Jessica. Nice picture.

Amy said...

Cool pictures - was that near your house?

Jessica said...

Yes the picture of the hawk was in a neighbor's tree. I heard it call out, unbelievably to another hawk that was across the street in another tree. It was too far to see clearly and identify but it was a wonderful sight to see.

There are many hawks in GA that have a brown chest and unfortunately we were unable to see many other details to identify, even through the binoculars. I could have used our better binoculars but felt we didn't have much time to get them out.

:) Jessica

christinemm said...

It looks like the red-shouldered hawks that live in our neighborhood and the same silhouette as when they sit in the trees here in my yard. They can be pretty noisy with squalks that movie makers use for eagles.

Red-tailed hawks usually have easily seen red tails when they are sitting in that position. Red-tails are more quiet than Red-shouldered hawks.

We hear the red-shouldered hawks in my neighborhood daily, I love to hear them.

christinemm said...

Jessica did you see my book review published October 27th on the new Bible that was released in English in America on Oct 28th?

I am surprised I'm getting so few comments on my book review.

I anticipated two things. 1) people mad at me for not loving the book and 2) people agreeing with me.

I would think you'd have an opinion to share.

Wonder too what your DH thinks since he is a pastor? Is he aware of this new book?

Bronwyn said...

Very cool! Nature study for the kids has turned into a love of birds for me. :) I'm having a blast. (Hope they are too.)