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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week 6 Report


Wow, six weeks already! The picture is from Camille's first lesson in Draw Squad which is a refreshing change from the guilt I was feeling from not implementing Drawing with Children. She loves it and has been drawing every day on her own.

Explorer's Bible Study: It is official, we're doing this orally. We enjoy it better and we can focus on drawing context clues from the text than writing the answers. We're on Lesson 7 starting next Monday.

Horizons Math: Camille just completed her 2nd test of the year, so we're on Lesson 20. I need to start her with Times Tales.

Prima Latina: This week was a review week, we'll start with nouns next week.

Primary Language Lessons: We're on Lesson 116.

Explode the Code: Lesson 7 of Book 7- one week per lesson is the rate we're working at, 2 pages a day for 4 days a week.

Poetry: Camille is still working on Foreign Lands by Robert Louis Stevenson, she has the first two stanzas memorized and is working on the third. There are five stanzas total.

Tapestry of Grace, Week 6, Year 3 Redesigned: This week we read about the War of 1812, The Star Spangled Banner and we are enjoying our read aloud very much which is Once on this Island. We forgot to make James Madison a president card so we'll do that next week. Starting next week, we're studying South America for next three weeks.

Life Science: This week we studied the circulatory system and listened to our heartbeats with a stethoscope. We made a chart to make sense of blood types A, AB, B and O and who can donate blood for each other. We did not get into the details about positive and negative blood types.

Afternoon Tea- we skipped this week.
Draw Squad- went very well
Needlepoint- we skipped this week
Composer biography- skipped this week, I, Vivaldi just came in so we'll read half of it next week.

Piano lessons are going well, Camille's teacher is back from a 3 week vacation in Italy. We did not officially go on a field trip this week, the kids went to a radio station with dh while he recorded a 30 second advertisement and today (Saturday) we went to a Public Safety Day and then to a Fall Festival held at local horticulture center. Pictures will come in another post.

The American Heritage Girls group in our area is meeting Nov. 4th, so I hope to find out more and get a feel for the group then. I'm currently acquiring more information about other opportunities for the kids, tapping our local resources.




Jonnia said...

Beautiful drawing!!! I have Drawing With Children on my shelf, too, but have yet to even begin with it. Maybe I'll look into Draw Squad. I need to find SOMETHING that I will actually use!
Sounds like anoter great week!

Tonia said...

She did a great job! Sounds like a you guys had a great week! :0)

Emmy said...

What a great drawing - how wonderful! It sounds like your year is going well!

me :) said...

Still love your blog - love the weekly reports. I need to get on them! I can't tell you how much I LOVE Times Tales. It was totally worth it to us - my DD had the tables down in no time. Hope it works as well for you guys!!

Mama to 3 all-boy boys said...

Art guilt. Wow, do I know that. I'll have to look into draw squad. My 6 yo just got a 1-2-3 bind up of 5 books for his birthday, and I think my 9yo will like it too. So that may serve as art expression for awhile. You can see in Camille's drawing that she really likes it!

Sheila in OK said...

Nice picture. I have Draw Squad sitting on the shelf; you have inspired me to get it out!