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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Being Realistic

A veteran homeschooler told me a year ago, 'you cannot go deeply into everything, you cannot specialize in every subject- you will have to pick or drown.'

Urgh. I hate it when others are right! There's no possible way I can focus on learning French fast and deep enough to teach my children to be bilingual. I know all the arguments of raising children with two languages, the positives and negatives but I'm waving my white flag. I surrender. No more French until after Latin studies.

Another factor is that I do not have the support I thought I would have, not even from Camille, who loves learning French but also wants to learn Italian and Spanish and just flits from one language to the next without a thought! So. French is being put on hold until after Latin. Ideally, I would like Latin to continue until the kids can take the either the National Latin Exam or have the equivalent of high school Latin accomplished. There are too many benefits of studying Latin over other languages.

I've let go of a few other things. I cannot micromanage my kids all the time. It sucks the joy of life right out of me. Character training, although it sounds all wonderful and nice to study, will be done more informally and natural. I do want to use something like Young Peacemaker by Corlette Sande at some point unless I find something else more suitable for us.

What is important? Reading, writing, math and curiosity! Service learning, actively being a part of change for the positive. If we're going to focus on those things, other things will have to take seat further down on the list of priorities. I've learned the hard way that although what others do sounds nice, it may just be nice for them. I'm sure my wake-up call hasn't even happened in the fullest yet, Danny will be home next year. Woo boy. Literally, wooo BOY.




Anonymous said...


Jana in AZ

Anonymous said...


Jana in AZ

Jennifer said...

You are not alone!
We also just dropped French and are focusing more on our Latin studies for the time being. I am hoping to do another language instead of French (German or Russian - both of which I have studied and I think I could be much more helpful with) in the near future, but I'll have to see if we can realistically fit it in to our already busy schedule.

For character training, we've been taking about 15-20 minutes, once a week, to sit down and talk about a different virtue. We talk about what it means and how we can practice it. I then have them draw a picture of it being practiced. I try to praise or remind them of it during the week. Sometimes I find a story or poem that illustrates whatever virtue we're studying.

You are completely right! The best thing you can do is to teach them to be curious and active lifelong learners :)

Adrienne said...

Good!! Glad to see you give yourself a deserved break from it "all". I have learned this lesson the hard way.

~~~Adrienne from Theologicalkids

Allyson said...

I came across your wonderful blog about three months ago. You got me hooked on The Well-Trained Mind. I have a 5 yr. old, 2 yr. old and 1 yr. old. Currently I am only formally teaching my 5 yr. old and had been looking for some long term structure.(The Well-Trained Mind fits the bill for me) Anyways, you are an incredible influence for others. Don't be discouraged about not doing everything. From an outsiders point of view, you are a homeschooling superhero!

Mama to 3 all-boy boys said...

Another amen from the pews here, too! I had the blessing to see Beth Moore speak in our state recently, and know that God spoke to my heart about relaxing some with the subjects we're working on...He has given me the peace to know that I don't HAVE to read each book that is in the IG, and that I can alter other curriculae that are not meeting my boys' needs.

mom24 said...

I hope this relaxes things a little bit for you. I know that itd does for me when I a forced to this realization about something or other that just isn't quite working for us the way I thought it would.
It is so nice that you are organized enough to handle choices like this and that you do what is best for the kids!

C.M.S. Academy said...

I have been following your blog for a while and I love it. I, too, have just realized that it is a drain to try and teach everything to my kids alone. I have decided to "contract" some things out to the world - as in let them happen naturally. Anyway, I know that you and I both live in Savannah (we actually live in Pooler) and I would love to touch base sometime:) Talk to you soon!!