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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Please Excuse the Mess

Our blog is about to get a new look and a new code so I will have to rebuild the sidebars. I am so excited though to be uploading the new design, I've wanted it for awhile and I have to thank Darcy from Graphically Designing for all her help and encouragement. She was going to design a new blog for me but I couldn't stop trying to help her.

What do you expect from a graphic designer? She said I know too much for my own good, so we agreed that I would take the design over from the starting place Darcy created.

I hope to have everything loaded up and back to normal (well not completely normal) in the next few days. I probably won't post again until Friday or Saturday for the weekly report.




JourneytoFamily said...

I love what you've got so far! And Darcy did my blog makeover. (LOVE her!) But I had no idea what to do, other than add back my own stuff in the sidebars, so I let her do everything. But if you know how to do it yourself, that's fantastic!

(I recently found your blog again. Now it's in my reader so I can't lose it again)

Michele said...

Jessica - that is absolutely beautiful! You and Darcy are both so talented!


Anonymous said...


Love the new look. Makes me want to get outside and do school.


Jennifer said...

I absolutely love it!!

SetApart said...

Hi Jessica,

I love your new look! Great job!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Found your through Darcy. Fellow home school mom to five, but have been stuck in the "designer" blog world, and just need to find some good home school mom blogs...hee hee.

Maria said...

Jessica, hello. The new look is fantastic. I love it.


Anonymous said...

Nature Girl and I think it's fantastic!
BTW, Camille's map inspired NG to have me post her map of the US that she made in school. That's the first time she's ever wanted to put her work on line without me asking her to! I'll post it later in the week--I desperately need an update, too!
Every blessing to you this week.
chris in VA