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Monday, October 27, 2008

Such is life

We have three more weeks to go before a two week break. I'm ready for a break and even through we could, we're not because I don't have anything to DO and I'll have Year 3, Unit 2 to plan out during the two week break, not to mention Thanksgiving!

This is called perseverance. We're studying South America during history for the next three weeks and I better muster up the enthusiasm I had seven weeks ago! Nine weeks is a long time but, especially when you're in week 7. I'm one of those types that needs something to do when we take a break because I cannot just. take. a. break. In fact, during our break, Camille will be doing Times Tales with a concentrated effort and reading everyday. I might even have her review her Latin vocabulary so that it stays fresh.

So why am I talking about wanting to take a break when taking a break isn't even really a break? Illusions are nice to have now and again. The idea that we don't have to do something would be nice. I feel very boring right now. Our last weekly report showed that, we did x, y, z and it's all going okay. Blah, blah, blah. Lol. At least I can laugh at myself.




Tracy said...

Know what your feeling... I think it's the time of year?

Sharon (sk) said...

I get the same way... the closer it gets to break time the more I slow down. I have to work really hard to keep myself motivated during those times. :)

Sheryl said...

Our first quarter went 10 weeks with no break. I found out that was way too long for me. I'm going to try to take a short break after each 5 weeks and see if that helps me keep up my enthusiasm. Here's hoping your next two weeks fly by.
Oh and on our nature study yesterday we found an old abandones the middle of nowhere..interesting although not nature. We did manage to observe a black cricket for 10 minutes and with the help of a nature book found out it was a female.
Sheryl in GA

Emmy said...

We are in our 2 week break right now and it is so good LOL. I needed it. I've had the kids reading and I'm catching up on read alouds with them, but my intentions for them to do math review on break have fallen to the wayside. I understand needing something to do on break - I have been working on planning and all kinds of projects; for me it's NICE to have time to do something other than school.