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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Parade Magazine taking a Homeschooling Poll

Vote! Should parents need teaching credentials to home-school their kids?
Click here to vote.



Jacqueline said...

I really take issue with this statement in the article: "He says the case “pits those who believe parental rights are paramount against those who place a premium on well-educated citizens.” " The "he" referred to is Richard Kahlenberg, the author of a number of books on education.

Does that rub anyone else the wrong way?

CookieMonster said...

Yes, Jacqueline, that does rub me the wrong way. Thanks for pointing that out. I went back and reread the *short* article.

First of all, his statement is a backhanded way of saying that homeschooling automatically produces poorly educated students.

Secondly, it was the only quote in the article about the ramifications. So, it tells me the author/editor of the article agrees with the aforementioned implied message within his statement.

Bothersome indeed.

Thanks, Jessica, for giving me a heads-up on this.