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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Picture Time

One Year Ago (above) and just this last week (below)

In both pictures, Danny has an ice cream face, hmm. Man, their legs have gotten long!
When did I blink?

Not sure but we think this is a Green Heron

Nature study within the animal park...this red faced lizard was just roaming around.

Northern bald ibis

Dh and I took the kids to an animal park last Friday (May 2) because it is one place we have really enjoyed while living where we are. I forfeited lessons to have a family day and I was glad to do so. With dh's recent surgery, things have been very stressed and he wanted to take the chance of causing pain by doing too much to spend time with us. He's doing much better now, by the way.

Danny's town, he's actually saying "cheese!" when I snapped the picture. What a ham. :) Camille and I will be identifying the birds, we sat and watched the flamingos for about 20 minutes until dh said, "okay, time to move on". Lol. It was neat to be able to talk about the animals!



my5wolfcubs said...

Wonderful pictures! So sweet to see the kids "then & now" and Danny built a great town! Glad your dh is recovering nicely!!

Gillian said...

Glad to hear your dh is getting better! And WOW your kids have grown over the last year.