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Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday's Adventures

Today we went to Columbus, GA to visit the Coca-Cola Space Science Museum and walk along Columbus' Riverwalk.
When we first arrived we watched the planetarium show, "The Universe" but on a much larger domed screen than the planetarium we visited yesterday. Today, dh was able to come with us and we all enjoyed the movie as well as the Spring sky constellation show before the main feature.

Robotics interactive display so the kids could control their space vehicles.

Here the kids are crashing their own space shuttle, I couldn't even land it!

Danny simulation flying, this was his favorite of the day.

Camille watching "Milestones in Space Travel" video by video.

Astronaut suit on display, the blue light thingy is a wave simulator that both kids had fun with.

Camille in a flight simulator, I tried this and I didn't get it. We were supposed to shoot something and I never caught on.

The kids trying out weather forecasting.

These pictures are from the Riverwalk in Columbus, which was built in 1992 and opened on Columbus Day.

A tree with woodpecker markings, when we looked close we saw a spider inside one of the holes. I couldn't get a good picture but Camille and I thought it was neat to see it. All we could see of it was its two eyes and front legs.

A flowering tree we wanted to identify, I'll try to find it online since all our books are already packed. Sigh. :)

The kids standing on a modern sculpture of Columbus (on Camille's right) and other important figures. At this point dh's back was starting to ache so we headed towards the Space Center.

Birds' nest in the corner of a concrete overhang at the end of the Riverwalk. There was a nest in each corner.

Picture of the other end of the Riverwalk, at least as far as we walked today. There's a waterfall on the far left. This river walk borders the Chattahoochee River that separates Georgia from Alabama.

After we left the Space Center we ventured up the road to the Peachtree Mall at dh's request where he surprised me with a trip to a bookstore. We all got a new book, my selection was 501 Science Experiments ilustrated by Glen Singleton, authored by various teachers for $7.99, big surprise huh? Camille picked a hard bound sketchbook for her miscellaneous drawings (thankfully), Dh picked a funny book about Chuck Norris and some Living Green type book and finally Danny picked a board book that came with an ice cream truck (big surprise).

My feet have been hurting me all week and we suspect it is my tennis shoes that are 4-5 years old. Dh must have been in a very generous mood today because he told me to pick out a new pair but since I've been hiking so much lately, he said to get my 'starter' pair of hikers. Insert big smile here. I have a new pair of New Balance All Terrain shoes, best of all they were on sale! (Oops, wrong picture, I have the 479 All Terrain. Does it really matter? Lol)
He said if I keep it up then I can upgrade to these...

or something similar. I really enjoy hiking and exploring so I hope he meant it! Lol.
It was a great family day.

New News: We have a house! Our new church has rented a house for us since they do not currently have a parsonage and the Tuesday after Memorial Day, we'll go see it as well as meet our new church family.

We are done with our field trips. Before we move in mid-June I want to go back to Providence Canyon and actually go to the canyon floor. It's been a wonderful and long week, it's time to get packing again.



Melanie said...

I really must get to that space center - it looks so cool and we're only 30 minutes west of there. Stupid gas prices!

Karen said...

Jessica, it looks like you had a great week with the kids, and it is good that you know you have a place to move into. Now get back to packing, but make sure you give the new shoes a good break-in.

Michele said...

Another great day! I absolutely love your new blog header ! Congratulations on the new shoes; you deserve them for your great efforts getting your kids out in nature! Good luck meeting your new church family.


Tracy said...

LOVE< LOVE< LOVE< your new header! It's AWESOME! Great job!

my5wolfcubs said...

Beautiful blog header!! So sweet about dh & the shoes -- you can break them in by trotting all around the house while packing. :)

Anonymous said...

Have a great time in your new digs! What's your new house like? How exciting.
You've inspired me to go on more field trips this summer--I always feel I don't have enough $, but there's plenty of free stuff around.
Thanks for the glimpses of your life.
You are so dear.
Chris in vA